Creating relationship

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Creating relationship by Mind Map: Creating relationship

1. Don't let the past be young persons future

2. Explain why things are going the way they are going

3. Take the person seriously

4. Balance between relaxed and setting rules

5. To actually listen and try to understand what the people are going through

5.1. Paying attention

5.2. Let them talk right now (not tomorrow)

6. Letting people know that there are no right answers

7. Patience and not pushing others, waiting for the young person to get ready to open up

8. Showing love

9. Finding common interests

10. Talking the same language

10.1. Get to know the person and adjust the way you approach

10.2. making it a basic human connection

11. Important to find a way to not force the relationship

12. Setting the rules step by step

13. Cozy, relatable physical environment

14. Creating a safe environment by sending others away (keeping what we spoke between us)

14.1. Create a feeling that young people will not be judged

15. Provoking vs. encouraging

16. Adult to adult, not parenting, not trying to teach the truths

17. Stereotypes and pre-judgment and to separate from it

18. Opening up yourself encourages other people to open up

18.1. Being emotionally open

18.2. Showing vulnerability

18.3. To show that it's OK to speak about problems