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Home Page by Mind Map: Home Page

1. Ads

1.1. message

1.1.1. ex: continue your search in XYZ

1.2. categories

1.2.1. CTA .. see more When you click on the CTA , the system asks you for the sub-categories Show all relevant ads as a list Show Filters (city, category and current filter) CTA: A message of sending relevant ads, showed up between the ads CTA . Add Free ad Show relevant stores / people to follow

1.2.2. In the main cover (( If you clicked on the ad (the ad opens directly) ))

1.3. Add Free ad

1.3.1. Add photo

1.3.2. Select the category

1.3.3. Ad title

1.3.4. Ad description

1.3.5. Ad price

1.3.6. Save and publish button

2. sections

2.1. All the sections

2.1.1. Section categories

2.2. Add free ad

2.2.1. Add photo

2.2.2. Select the category

2.2.3. Ad title

2.2.4. Ad description

2.2.5. Ad price

2.2.6. Save and publish button

3. seen

3.1. All seen ads

3.1.1. Cover (front side) 1) Ad title When you click on it the ad opens 2) Category (the filter that gide to this ad) When you click on it the ad opens 3) Location When you click on it the ad opens 4) ad type (ex : I a hurry ad) When you click on it the ad opens 5) Price + currency / call to know that price When you click on it the ad opens 6 ) CTAs (chat, call and comment) Chat -- open a suggestions for the chat messages Comment -- open the ad in the comments area Call -- copy the number to the calling screen 7) Favorite ♥️ Clickable to add or remove from the favorite zone 8) Ad main account link Open the main account who post the clicked ad 9) Ad photo (with comments and photos number ) and if its featured or not. When you click it the ad opens when the user saw this post delete ad

3.2. Add free ad

3.2.1. Add photo

3.2.2. Select the category

3.2.3. Ad title

3.2.4. Ad description

3.2.5. Ad price

3.2.6. Save and publish button

3.3. Activate the open Sooq +

3.3.1. Activate OpenSooq + button Why to use Open Sooq + (what the user will get when the user use OS +) Activate OpenSooq+ now button Payment options screen ( 3 options)


4.1. Add free ad

4.1.1. Add photo

4.1.2. Select the category

4.1.3. Ad title

4.1.4. Ad description

4.1.5. Ad price

4.1.6. Save and publish button

4.2. If the user follows another account

4.2.1. Followers ads

4.3. if there is no followed account

4.3.1. Account that I'm follow When I click on it the account opens

4.3.2. Accounts Suggestions to follow Account name and photo Clickable Linked to the main account Number of ads Latest 10 ads Ad Photo Ad price Follow button

5. stores

5.1. Filter (need to modify)

5.2. Add your store

5.2.1. Slider with a stores features

5.2.2. CTA .. add your store now Pricing page Store duration Store Cost How many ads the store can post Wallet balance Need a help - contact us

5.3. Stores list

5.3.1. Each leasted ad have Store photo Store name Store Category Number of ads

5.4. Add your free ad

5.4.1. Add photo

5.4.2. Select the category

5.4.3. Ad title

5.4.4. Ad description

5.4.5. Ad price

5.4.6. Save and publish button

6. Ads search

6.1. Search history

6.2. Suggested search

7. My Chats

7.1. click

7.1.1. Search in chat

7.1.2. Chat filter

7.1.3. Chat thread sender photo Is the account online or offline sender name Chat room last message Chat room related ad Chat room chat time ( when was the last conversation) Chat room

8. Registration

8.1. Email

8.1.1. insert mobile or email have account directly from Google or FB Email or phone number don't have account create account screen

8.2. Google

8.2.1. Facebook

9. notifications

9.1. Mark all as readed

9.2. Filter

9.3. All notification from the recent to old ads

9.3.1. notification title

9.3.2. if the notification has been read or not

9.3.3. when the notification arrived

9.3.4. notification label

9.4. Notifications settings

10. My account

10.1. Account section

10.1.1. How many ads /followers and following

10.1.2. Edit account Photo First Name Last Name Email Mobile number Password Verify account (build trust ) Using Google verification Using Twitter verification Using Facebook verification

10.1.3. Build trust Using mobile phone Using Facebook Using Twitter

10.1.4. Account Information Account Name Where it is verified Joining Date Link ( !! ) When you click on the link the share option is opened

10.2. Add free ad

10.2.1. Add photo

10.2.2. Select the category

10.2.3. Ad title

10.2.4. Ad description

10.2.5. Ad price

10.2.6. Save and publish button

10.3. Hide promo ads

10.3.1. Remove promo ads page Payment page

10.4. Last viewed ads

10.4.1. Last 7 ads

10.4.2. Activate OpenSooq + button Why to use Open Sooq + (what the user will get when the user use OS +) Activate OpenSooq+ now button Payment options screen ( 3 options)

10.5. Search history

10.5.1. Latest search

10.5.2. Activate OpenSooq+ Activate OpenSooq + button Why to use Open Sooq + (what the user will get when the user use OS +) Activate OpenSooq+ now button

10.6. Favorites ads

10.6.1. Ads Favorite ads Add an ad (flout button with an icon not text)

10.6.2. Search Activate OpenSooq+ Activate OpenSooq + button Latest search

10.7. My ads

10.7.1. Active ads Banner (how many ads the user still have) Search In user ads Ads filter Ad section Ad photo Ad title Ad category and location Status of the ad ( Activate or not active ) Price When the ad posted The ad active from x days When the ad will become not active Ad quality Edit ad Delete ad Chat Share ad Ad report How many people saw the ad Feature the ad button Add a new ad (icon not text )

10.7.2. Not active ads

10.8. My wallet

10.8.1. Balance

10.8.2. My transactions

10.9. Membership and stores

10.9.1. CTA _ upgrade the account

10.9.2. Membership information For my account Category based (the maximum number of ads in each category)

10.9.3. Ads traker

10.10. Sales team

10.10.1. Member photo

10.10.2. Member name

10.10.3. Member title

10.10.4. Call Copy the number on the calling center

10.10.5. Messages Open chatting center

10.11. Followers ads

10.11.1. Ads

10.11.2. How to view it


10.12.1. Search for a user

10.12.2. Followers list

10.12.3. Suggested to follow

10.13. Accounts followed me

10.14. Invite your friends

10.14.1. Share screen

10.15. Share my account

10.15.1. Share screen

10.16. Help

10.16.1. Help screen Add free ad Add photo Select the category Ad title Ad description Ad price Save and publish button Search bar Contact us FAQ Footer ( need to remove and improve this part)

10.17. Contact us

10.18. About

10.19. Settings

10.19.1. Language and country

10.19.2. Notification settings

10.19.3. Blocked users

10.19.4. السجل التجاري

10.19.5. Documents (policy and privicy )

10.19.6. Help FAQ

10.19.7. Contact us

10.19.8. About

10.19.9. Logout