FMNI Technology

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FMNI Technology by Mind Map: FMNI Technology

1. Google Earth

1.1. View spiritual/special sites

1.2. Voyager has FMNI missions/guides

1.3. Overview – Google Earth

2. Virtual Reality

2.1. There is also Google Earth VR

2.2. There are games like Sesqui's Meridian, BIIDAABAN: FIRST LIGHT.

2.2.1. SESQUI - The Future is All Around Us™

2.2.2. About | Biidaaban: First Light

3. Zoom/Skype/ Google Hangouts

3.1. Can be used to chat with Elders, or different people from different tribes all over Canada

3.2. Can be used to show off certain art/writings/buildings/etc

3.3. Used to have students ask other knowledgable individuals questions

4. Pinterest

4.1. Can be used to create boards for FMNI art inspiration

4.2. Can be used by teachers to gain reasources/ideas for lessons

4.3. Can be used to organize pictures/resources by subject or topic

5. Google

5.1. Can be used to find resources and links to other resources



5.1.3. First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC)



5.1.6. Quality education for First Nations learners - FNSA

5.1.7. First Peoples' | First Peoples' Cultural Council Homepage

5.1.8. FirstVoices

6. Quizlet

6.1. Can be used to create flashcards for tests/quizzes

6.2. Can be used as a classroom tool for various subjects

6.3. Specially can make one regarding the FMNI information covered during a specific class

6.4. Quizlet

7. Youtube/Netflix/Videos

7.1. CAn be used to watch various videos like FMNI individuals talking about their culture

7.2. Watch historical videos based around FMNI culture, around the European's first contact, etc

7.3. Can watch FMNI movies