The American exception

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The American exception by Mind Map: The American exception

1. The range with the atrocities offers a wide range of political points

2. The murders have one thing in common- the American access to firearms

3. America knows the reason of mass killings but seems not to care

4. More guns, more killing. Fewer guns, less killing. Everybody else has figured that out. Americans—and only Americans—refuse to do so.

5. Stephen Paddock has no specific political motive, and is the deadliest mass shooter

5.1. He murdered 59 people and wounded hundreds from a hotel room

6. The article is clearly fakenews

6.1. The article was written by a left-wing socialist, that is clearly an anti-gun activist. He's clearly trying to take away the right of the people and is truly a enemy of the United States democracy

7. American is the only land who regularly afflicted by mass slaughters committed by aggrieved individuals