Teaching Speaking

Mindmap on teaching speaking - Didactics I - English Teaching

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Teaching Speaking by Mind Map: Teaching Speaking

1. Teachers

1.1. Designing speaking techniques

1.1.1. Types of classroom speaking performance Imitative Intensive Responsive Transactional Interpersonal Extensive

1.1.2. Principles Cover learner needs Provide motivation encouraging learners to speak expressing interest asking for repetition or explanation Encourage authentic language meaningfully Provide feedback responding to learners sayings giving further explanations correcting errors Let learners initiate communication Link with listening

1.2. Helping learners develop skills

1.2.1. Finding new ideas initial input with useful vocabulary role or information cards precise goals or final outcome

1.2.2. Developing confidence planning time warm-up with peers build in repetition active participation

1.2.3. Developing fluency present varied topics & contexts provide practice time monitor & feedback stretch language foster interaction take turns in conversations

1.3. Assessing speaking

1.3.1. Fluency and coherence

1.3.2. Vocabulary

1.3.3. Grammatical range and accuracy

1.3.4. Pronunciation

2. Learners

2.1. Considerations

2.1.1. before speaking think about what to say feel confident to express it

2.1.2. during speech use grammar & vocabulary use pronunciation & intonation be reasonably fluent stretch language for unforeseen situations choose correct language depending on context

2.2. Goals

2.2.1. Knowledge of language systems

2.2.2. Fluent, intelligible, interactive, and contextually appropriate speech

2.2.3. Develop speaking strategies to achieve communicative competence

3. Possible problems

3.1. Students show inhibition

3.2. There is nothing to be said

3.3. Students low/no participation

3.4. Mother tongue predominantly used

4. Successful activity

4.1. Learners talk a lot

4.2. Students good participation

4.3. Learners show motivation

4.4. Good level of language is shown