Greenhouse Gasses

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Greenhouse Gasses by Mind Map: Greenhouse Gasses

1. Federal

2. Initiative

2.1. States

2.1.1. Maine First Federal Climate Change Action Plan in US Goals of reducing GHG to levels of 1990 Member of the GHGI Goals of employing Hydro Electric Power to substitute Fossil Fuels

2.1.2. Maryland Created its own Climate Action Plan Goals of reducing GHG 90% by 2020 Member of the RGGI

2.1.3. New York Formed a GHG Task Force Goal of reduction of GHG of 20% below 1990 levels Member of the RGGI Proprietor of "Green New Deal"

2.2. Nuclear Energy

2.2.1. Completely clean from emissions

2.3. RGGI

2.3.1. Goal to Reduce GHG Emissions by 10%

2.3.2. The first GHG Emission Program in the US

2.4. GHGI

2.4.1. Goal to Reduce GHG Emissions by 10%

3. Carbon Dioxide

3.1. Largest Greenhouse Gas Contributor

3.2. Re-use

3.2.1. "capturing Carbon Dioxide"

3.2.2. Solidification for building

4. Concentration

4.1. Greenhouse Effect

4.1.1. The more GHG the less heat can escape

4.1.2. Causes lasting effects on the world's climate

5. Emitters

5.1. China

5.1.1. Largest GHG Emitter

5.2. USA

5.2.1. One of the top 3 Emitters

5.3. Fossil Fuels

5.3.1. Main cause of Carbon Dioxide Most Prominent GHG

6. Rising Global Temperatures

6.1. Increase in Storms (Hurricanes)

6.2. Destruction of Ecosystems

6.3. Rising Water Levels