S/P Rt total hip replacement

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S/P Rt total hip replacement by Mind Map: S/P Rt total hip replacement

1. Assessments

1.1. Harris Hip Score

1.2. Perform neurovascular checks

1.3. Check vital signs, including temperature and level of con- sciousness, every 4 hours or more frequently as indicated.

1.4. Monitor incisional bleeding by emptying and recording suc- tion drainage every 4 hours and assessing the dressing

1.5. Help the client shift position at least every 2 hours while on bed rest.

1.6. prevent hip flexion of greater than 90 degrees or adduction of the affected leg.

2. Medications

2.1. Oxycodone (manage long-lasting pain)

2.2. Acetaminophen (manage short-lasting pain)

2.3. Ketorolac (decrease swelling a surgical site)

2.4. Warfarin (prevent blood clots)

2.5. Antibiotics (prevent infection)

3. Treatments

3.1. Physical therapy

3.2. Demonstration of safe mobility

3.3. Medical stability

3.4. Develop exercise regimen

3.5. Rehabilitation program

4. Complications

4.1. Blood clots

4.2. Joint stiffening

4.3. Infection

4.4. Dislocation

4.5. Loosening of joint implant

4.6. Change in leg length

4.7. Breakage of implant

5. Other Diagnoses

5.1. Risk for infection

5.2. Risk of falling