My Organization Chart

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My Organization Chart by Mind Map: My Organization Chart

1. My name is Nerea Fernández García.

2. My Hobbies

2.1. I like playing the piano

2.2. I like the sports, in specially the football

2.3. I love the music, my favorite group is Queen and I lisen to her music every day.

2.4. I love sing

2.5. I like playing video games, my favorite games are, Injustice 2 and Mafia 3.

2.6. I like to write, I love creating stories with complex and true characters

3. I´m got 13 years, but in the 18 of november, I´m going to turn of a 14 years

4. My ways to eliminate stress

4.1. I watch videos on youtube of my favorite youtubers

4.2. I drawing, specially Harley Quinn is my favorite villian

4.3. I eat, it´s the best you´re stressed