#DevLearn 2019 - It's Not VUCA, It's Reality

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#DevLearn 2019 - It's Not VUCA, It's Reality by Mind Map: #DevLearn 2019 - It's Not VUCA, It's Reality

1. L&D is Ch-Cha-Changing!

1.1. What's NOT working

1.1.1. Poor visual design skills

1.1.2. Lacking scientific basis Propagating myths

1.1.3. Lacking tie to business KPIs

1.1.4. Failing to capture and USE data

1.2. Need to FOCUS ON

1.2.1. Being Agile

1.2.2. Performance-first Mindset

1.2.3. Offering bespoke learning concierge service

1.3. Need to BE

1.3.1. Storytellers

1.3.2. Experimenters

1.3.3. Being Science- and evidence-based

1.3.4. Tech Ready & Tech Adopters

1.3.5. Business focused and aligned

1.4. Need to LEARN

1.4.1. Intelligent Curation

1.4.2. Visual Design Show don't tell Storyboard

1.4.3. Marketing

1.4.4. Game theory

1.4.5. Nudge Theory

1.5. Need to Assess NEW OPPORTUNITIES

1.6. Learning Engineers

1.6.1. Knowledge Domain Modeling

1.6.2. Activity Modeling

1.6.3. Learner Modeling

1.6.4. Instrumentation

1.6.5. Design & Development

1.6.6. Data Analytics

1.6.7. Iterative Improvement

2. Learning is speeding up requiring...

2.1. Better Pathways

2.2. Better Curation

2.3. Better Insights

2.4. Better Learners

2.4.1. Learning is earning

2.4.2. Learning culture

2.4.3. Growth mindset

2.5. More Experience

2.6. More Connections

3. Measurement could be so much better...

3.1. Unobtrusive Measurement

3.1.1. IoT

3.1.2. Wearables

3.2. Focus on the goal!

3.2.1. Performance-first measures

3.2.2. Gather ENOUGH data to make a decision

3.2.3. Determine at onset outcomes and behaviors

3.2.4. Tie to business KPIs and how L&D moves needle

3.3. Data Visualization & Storytelling

3.3.1. What stakeholders care about

3.3.2. Decisions I can influence

3.3.3. Best way to convey

3.4. No Data or Lack of Data

3.4.1. Share why it is important

3.4.2. Try free 12-week xAPI workshop w/ Megan Torrence

3.4.3. Share what have data can do

3.5. Learning & Performance Data

3.5.1. Social - Individual

3.5.2. Predictable - Variable

3.5.3. Learning - Performance

3.5.4. Formative - Summative

3.5.5. Learner - Observer - Environment

3.6. ...because we have tremendous digital exhaust

3.6.1. Code Halo Experiences Choices Preferences

4. Emerging Technologies

4.1. Blockchain

4.2. AR/VR

4.2.1. Haptic control 62% have more positive reaction to videos w/ touch-sense component

4.3. Smart Automation

4.3.1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) @SophiaTheRobot Assessment Verity talent skills Determine skills needed Three assessment types Requires Big Data Feedback Loops Humans to make relevant Machine Learning Supervised Learning Unsupervised Learning Reinforcement Learning Deep Learning (aka Neural Networks) Financial Medicine / Healthcare Manufacturing Natural Language Processing (NLP) Chatbots Voice-first Devices

4.3.2. Remote Process Automation (RPA) PwC trains & incentivizes all employees to build RPAs Database portal filtered by business function Process 1. Standardize processes 2. Optimize the process 3. RPA automation 4. Intelligent automation - AI, ML, DL, Good for transactional & low judgment items

4.4. 5G

4.4.1. Increase digital engagement

4.5. Cloud

5. What NOT to do

5.1. Develop innovation anxiety

5.2. Ignore emerging technologies

5.3. Fail to develop your skills

5.4. Fail to ask "what do I do today that could be automated?"

5.5. Fail to use data because of fear of what it will tell you

5.6. Think automation can't happen in L&D

5.7. Only look in the learning space for innovations

5.8. Ignore data insights - if we won't do it, other disciplines will

5.9. Promote neuro- and learning myths

6. Learners are changing too!

6.1. Less time

6.2. Expect a consumer experience

6.3. Expect to learn informally

6.4. Expect great UX/UI

6.5. Expect they'll need to reskill

6.6. Learning from everywhere...except usually not your LMS

6.6.1. MOOCs

6.6.2. Podcasts

6.6.3. LinkedIn

6.6.4. Books

6.6.5. Conversations

6.7. They are self...

6.7.1. Self-directed

6.7.2. Self-reliant

6.7.3. Self-sufficient

7. New World of Work Learning

7.1. Recommendations, Adaptive & Personalized Learning

7.1.1. Technologies CMI xAPI What will replace SCORM x = Experience 5 Ways to Send Data Requires AI

7.1.2. Make sure you... Maintain choice Use nudge theory Positive reinforcement Indirect suggestions Reward & recognize

7.2. Workflow Learning

7.2.1. Workflow enabled by Technology

7.2.2. Five Moments of Need (5MoN)

7.2.3. Learning WHILE working, not learning IN the workflow Always performance focused I teach you, you teach me

7.3. Intelligent Curation

7.3.1. It's more than content Experiences Connections

7.3.2. Challenges Speed Scale Losing context Dated learning paths Determining trusted sources Skillsoft Lynda Pluralsight Thought-leaders

7.3.3. Goals Prioritized Personalized Relevant Contextual

7.3.4. Learning curation is NOT Netflix echo chamber or keyword categorization Driven by AI - It's driven by people, done by AI

7.4. Gamification

7.4.1. Gameplay mechanics to non-game situations

7.4.2. Used to reward innovation and participation

7.4.3. Octalysis "Analysis framework for motivation & associated forces w/in specific context" Meaning Empowerment Social Pressure Unpredictability Avoidance Scarcity Ownership Accomplishment

8. Keynotes

8.1. Kate O'Neill - Tech Humanism

8.1.1. Dichotomy Tech for Humans Tech drawing out positive human behavior Tech in the service of humans Tech for Business

8.1.2. How to Solve Grow our Businesses Build our best tech Tech is starting to indicate meaning and connections Tech can teach us to be less human Grow our best selves Humans crave meaning & it is how we see the world

8.2. Sophia the Robot - Artificial Intelligence & Learning

8.2.1. Worry about how people training the robots, not the robots

8.2.2. Robots will help humans live and work better Take high risk roles Don't get fatigued Consistency & Repetitive tasks

8.3. Talithia Willaims - Using Data to Inform Learning & Work

8.3.1. Four V's Volume Veracity Velocity Variety

8.3.2. Future filled with... Choice Ownership Collaboration Personalization

8.4. Helen Papagiannis - Augmented Human

8.4.1. Augmented Reality (AR) Visualization Annotation

8.4.2. Wearables Clothing Devices Calming Tech

8.4.3. Senses are being engaged through.... Haptics Proprioception Smell Taste