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[Garage_Story]_Storyboard by Mind Map: [Garage_Story]_Storyboard

1. HumboldtCountyCA_Beach

1.1. Sculptors_Symposium

1.1.1. 3_sculptors [MansourTaeed] Brahmin_chosen [NavHir] Vishnu_chosen [JohnnyDepp] Shiva_chosen

1.2. [Quarry_1]

1.2.1. [Phone_Call] to QuarryYard

1.3. Garage

1.3.1. [Trimurti] sculpting... [Quarry_2]

1.3.2. [Sex_Video_2r]/Garage [PenelopeCruz] & [MichiaelDouglas] interrupted by [NavHir] Quarry_3

1.3.3. Gig_1 [JohnnyDepp], his friend, [KeithRichards], [JeffReTzu]/[JeffreyKamberos] + [HughLaurie] Audience: Quary_4

1.4. Exterior_Garage_Beach_Front

1.4.1. During the gig, [MichaelDouglas] & [MaggieQ] leaves... [PenelopeCruz] stalks them... [MichaelDouglas] & [MaggieQ] roll on the Beach into the water mating...

1.5. [Scene] changes: [PenelopeCruz] asks her husband [HughLaurie] to shoot sex_video of herself with [MichaelDouglas]...

1.5.1. [Scene] switches to [PotParty] where [NavHir] looks for Cellphone... [Scene] switches to darkened Garage... [NavHir] hears moan... [Scene] switches to garage; pot passing from [Nav] to [Michael] to [Penelope]; [Nav] leaves garage...

1.6. [Bar_Pool_Shooting]

1.6.1. [Trimurti] manifest in life...

1.6.2. [3_sculptos]

1.6.3. [Quarry_5]

1.7. [Sculpting]/Garage

1.8. Beach : [PenelopeCruz] walks on the sand barefeet...

1.8.1. Another beach front studio in which shows [MaggieQ] posing NUDE for [JeffReTzu]/[JeffreyKamberos]... [PenelopeCruz] sneaks up to the window & peeks into the studio & catches the scene...

1.9. [Sculpting]/Garage

1.10. [Gig_2] : [AmericanIndianCommunityTheater]

1.10.1. Performers: [JeffReTzu]/[JeffreyKamberos], [TeoVincentIV] & [TomWaits] arrives on horseback... Audience: [NavHir] + AmericanIndians/Extras... [MansourTaeed] stays behind to do the sex_video with [MaggieQ]...

1.11. [Sex_Video_2]/Garage

1.11.1. [MansourTaeed] & [MaggieQ]

1.12. [Sculpting]/[Garage]

1.12.1. [Trimurti] appears as chiseling goes on into each sculptor's head... [Trimurti] appears every time when the sculpting scene goes on...

1.13. [3_Sculptors_Dreams]

1.13.1. [Trimurti] appears in their dreams...

1.14. [Sculpting]/[Garage]: Sunset; work hour over; 3Sculptors go home... or bar...

1.15. [Bedroom]: [PenelopeCruz] & [HughLaurie]

1.15.1. While watching TV, [PenelopeCruz] feels like some munchies; [HughLaurie] is busy editing videotape, so [PenelopeCruz] drives out to the store... Dusk; parking_lot; elmost empty; next car rocks... Closer view shows [MaggieQ] & [MichaelDouglas] romping inside the backseat of the car...

2. [MansourTaeed]

2.1. [Project_Trimurti] is his idea

2.1.1. [JohnnyDepp]'s friend, [HughLaurie] has a Garage he is renting out... [NavHir] expresses interest [3_sculptors] formed

2.2. Sculptor

2.3. [Quarry]_related...

2.3.1. [Quarry_1] Quarry site: picking out the right size

2.3.2. [Quary_2] Loading up on the truck

2.3.3. [Quarry_3] Highway driving

2.3.4. [Quarry_4] Arrival at destination

2.3.5. [Quarry_5] Unloading

2.3.6. [Quarry_6] Rolling it into the Garage

2.3.7. Wow, nifty~ By the way, [X] From Private to Pub: eh~ Need secondary Button to Access Pub Lib [O] From Public to Private Glitch? Button missing at Privaate to access Public page/site/appendix(?) Found it, but not satisfactory... Where is the FONT_COLOR Editor? Supposedly ( ) can drag a STRATA (+sub_strata) to anywhere, right?

2.4. MansourTaeed/Physicist & NavHir/Biologist listen: How about designing [Desalinator/Household] like HotwaterHeater...

2.5. [MindMeister] & [MIT_BillGates]: [a] [Armadillo_Chair]/Individual [b] [Armadillo_Mechnism/Bldg for EMERGENCY...

2.5.1. It is based on a few blocks of rich's quarter -- each block with mechanism to attach/detach itself with adjacent/above/below/behind(6) with door designs & windows etc + minimum admin per Armadillo e.g. all inclusive Mall... including Pharmacy, Jail, Police, etc.... Future of house --> Cubicle/$$$

2.6. [JohnKennethHutchison_&_[VernonShields]: Gizmo invention: Croc_like shape/mechanism that sucks spilled OIL from water/OCEAN... [1] Musical + [2] Mechanical

3. [NavHir]

3.1. BeginningScene

3.1.1. Sculptor

3.2. SculptorsSymposium

3.2.1. Agree to Dup_Trimurti at [JohnnyDepp]'s -- only local -- friend/[HughLaurie]'sGarage

3.3. PotParty

3.3.1. Misplaces Cellphone

3.3.2. ReturnsToNightGarage [Sex_Video_1]_interrupted Chat with Landlord

3.4. Bar/Pool

3.4.1. Trimurti Mess with the balls in mid_rolling...

3.4.2. 3_Sculptors [Nav] talks about sex_video encounter [Johnny] tells them about the gig [Johnny] asks [Mansour] to fuck his girlfriend [MaggieQ] for Xmas [Mansour] says he will think about it & later accepts...

3.5. [Sex_Video_2]: [Mansour] & [Maggie_Q]

3.5.1. Hugh/Camera, Penelope/Lighting, Johnny/Microphone, Nav/Amplifier [Nav] is a Biologist interested in Multi_descipline_researches...

3.6. [MaggieQ] & [MansourTaeed]

3.7. [NavHir] sits in...

3.8. [Nav] asks [Mansour] to ask [Hugh] to let him sit in during the shooting...

3.9. LastScene: [The_3_Sculptors] on the Beach...

3.9.1. No, the last scene is a homicidal scene like the last scene of [Acrylic_Forest]... GoTo: Far Left Column Scroll Down to the End...

4. [JohnnyDepp]

4.1. [04DEC2019WED0546UTC] Johnny, no, CAGE, Re: [The_5+Samuel] Script_Inheritor: [Nicolas_Cage] [Cast_Update] It appears ( ) haven't visited Twitter site for some time & old Cast_List appears to b in need to b updated... Remove those that take part in the script [Via_Rotterdam]/[Neo_Genesis: The_Destiny] except [Kazuya], [Samuel] & [Penelope]: [1] Hugh_Laurie [2] Lee_Tae_Sung [3] Omar Borkan Unless u guys somehow scripted them all in -- kinda crowded, huh~ So there r only two(2) guest scenes for [Baldwin_Talk_Show_Rehearsal]: [1] Kazuya_Kamenashi [2] Archie_Kao & let's recast: [Eui_Kyoo_Kim], the painter as the painter & let's change the [Brawling_Scene] between: [1] DiCaprio [2] CAGE & ( ) asked u guys to develop further the lines for DiCaprio, right? So the following is the updated [Cast_List]: Robert DeNiro Al Pacino Samuel L Jackson Penelope Cruz Alec Baldwin Nicolas Cage Leonardo DiCaprio Theo Theodoridis Eui Kyoo Kim Kazuya Kamenashi [Guest] Archie Kao [Guest]

4.1.1. So, there should b a scene [DeNiro] listing down all the tenants in his bldg. when he talks to [Theo_Theodoridis] & [Samuel L Jackson] & [Al Pacino]… & [Cage], Ooooooops, [Dafoe], Re: [Acrylic_Forest] It appears [Child_Fucking] is stimulating the mass humanoid's neurons; how about edit the scene when the sculptor, the son of photographer, peeks through the window, he sees his dad fondling a naked child & photographing him? Or fucking... That would cause equivalent psychological reaction from the teenage son, yah? How to get around the legal matters for such scene? How about using life-size doll? JAPAN will have no problem manufacturing [Child_Sex_Doll] in time -- just schedule it for the last part of the production... ( ) bet ya it will sell like a hot dog... 'Go with the flow' -- they say~ Besides, it will deter the priests that r said to have penchant for little ones, so they get what they want without having to subject themselves to legal reprimand, win-win situation, ain't it? Have u captured the first scene yet?

4.1.2. 그라고 [옆전들아이], [아베] 너무 밉어하지마라... 아무리 기생같이 생깃어도 우짜다 ( )하고 죽이맞었응게... 이때꺼지 그 어느 일본 수상하고도 ( ) 노닥거리는거 봤나? 그라이꺼네, 암만 밉어도, 좀 봐줘라, 어이? MindMeister, Give little more time to read the QUOTES u flash before displaying the files, so ( ) can read; ( ) read damn slow...

4.2. [Script_Inheritor]

4.2.1. Johnny, no, CAGE, Pacino flashed via an AD on MSN news yesterday, [19NOV2019TUE] with DeNiro… How about scripting Pacino as DeNiro's EX who got into some trouble & had been to prison gets released after making a $1mln via online scamming while in prison & calls up DeNiro… Baldwin going off with jealousy binge, etc.... Is that like doable? Re: [The_5+Samuel] How about adding a brawling scene between Pacino & Theodoridis & CAGE comes to rescue, etc.... Come on guys, sqeeze thy brains...

4.2.2. Hello, Visitor, If u have FB/Twitter account, pls inform [Johnny_Depp] to look in here, would u?

4.2.3. Mindmeister, All ( ) intend to do is to delete ( ) Ex_boyfriend_#2; either u let ( ) EDIT, or ( ) will delete the file, if u block ( ) from doing that, ( ) will delete the acct; u'r choice...

4.3. [13NOV2019WED1834UTC] Johnny, How r things? [Samuel L Jackson]'s role needs to b further developed... & if u haven't yet,, here is a possibility... ( ) was thinking maybe he could do something like 'seeing' the double -- [DiCaprio] -- when he & [DeNiro join the others when the video viewings happen, twice... So [Samuel] is sitting next to the guests, [Archie_Kao] & [Kazuya_Kamenashi]… & as they critique the video clip they produced -- Ooops, this is the wrong script... Sorry...

4.3.1. However, would u msg to [CAGE] that ( ) have script part hanging out here?

4.3.2. for [The_5 + Samuel]...

4.3.3. So, as [Baldwin], [DeNiro], [Guest], [Samuel] sit on the sofa, [Theo] & [CAGE] sit on the floor... Then [CAGE] gets up & goes to kitchen to fetch something... As they wait for [CAGE], they continue their talking; [Samuel] turns his head toward the kitchen & sees [DiCaprio] walking by... [Samuel] looks around to check if anyone else is tuning into the strange phenomenon, but everyone else is busy with their discussion... When [Samuel] turns his head again to c if the 'ghost' is still there, it is no longer there -- [Samuel] decides to let it slide....

4.3.4. On the second encounter -- with the second guest -- [Samuel] loses it...

4.3.5. First he asks if there is a hired extra crew...

4.3.6. [CAGE] & [Theo] {& [DeNiro], right? Since [DeNiro] paints him... The 3 look at each other...

4.3.7. Johnny, Pls tell [CAGE] to have one of them explain about [CAGE]'s dual, Okay~ Gracias... If u already scripted out something else & is better, than pick the better lines, Okay~

4.3.8. . .. ...

4.4. Girlfriend [MaggieQ]

4.4.1. Nude_Model for her boyfriend's friend: [JeffReTzu/JeffreyKamberos]/Painter/Musician

4.4.2. Sex_Video_2/XmasGift : With [MansourTaeed]/Sculptor

4.4.3. Affair : With[MichaelDouglas]/CarBackseat Gets murdered by [PenelopeCruz]

4.5. Friend of GarageOwner [HughLaurie]

4.5.1. Wife [PenelopeCruz] Sex_video_1 : [MichaelDouglas]

4.5.2. Got_Caught_taping_SexVideo to [NavHir] Talk, pot... Okay, MindMeister: Make the strata navigable: Up/Down

4.6. Sculptor

4.7. Johnny,

4.7.1. [PenelopeCruz] has vivid imagination; superimpose with her wearing same dress as [MaggieQ] & mating [MichaelDouglas] after the stalking scene...

4.7.2. [PenelopeCruz] imagines herself modeling (nude) for [JeffReTzu]/[JeffreyKamberos] as she walks backwards on the beach sand after peeking into the studio...

4.7.3. + [PenelopeCruz] wearing same dress as [MaggieQ] & mating [MichaelDouglas] as she crashes her car into the car in which the mating between [MichaelDouglas] & [MaggieQ] is in progress...

4.8. ..

4.9. .

4.10. ...

5. Trimurti

5.1. Brahma

5.1.1. [WillemDafoe]* [MansourTaeed]

5.2. Shiva

5.2.1. [TheoTheodoridis]* [JohnnyDepp]

5.3. Vishnu

5.3.1. [VincentGallo]* [NavHir]

6. SceneSequence

6.1. Scene_Order

6.1.1. [Scene_1] HumboldtCountyCA_Beach Hotel Sculptors_Symposium [Scene_2] Quarry_Related Mansour, let's get the probable receipts 99% accurate~

6.1.2. [Scene_2.5] Gig_1

6.1.3. Ending_Scene

6.1.4. [Scene_3] [3_Sculptors] sculpting TRIMURTI...

6.1.5. [Scene_4] [HumbodltCountyPotParty] [JohnnyDepp] is missing his Cellphone

6.1.6. [Scene_5] [Garage_at_Night] [Sex_1] MichaelDouglas & MaggieQ

6.1.7. [Scene_6] [Inside_Kitchen] [HughLaurie] explains his gig to [NavHir] Pot passing... [NavHir] passes his joint to [PenelopeCruz] [PenelopeCruz] passes the joint to [MichaelDouglas] [NavHir] exist Garage

6.1.8. [Scene_7] [Pool_Shooting][Local_Bar] [Trimurti] shoot pool... [3_Sculptors] enter... [Trimurti] mess with Balls... [Trimuri] enters/superimpose [3_Sculptors]

6.1.9. [Scene_8] [3_Sculptors] sculpting... [3_Sculptors] chant internally...

6.1.10. [Scene_9] [Sculptor_1][MansourTaeed] dreams of [Brahma]/[WillemDafoe]...

6.1.11. [Scene_10] [Sculptor_2]/[NavHir] dreams of [Vishnu]/[VincentGallo]...

6.1.12. [Scene_11] [sculptor_3][JohnnyDepp] dreams of [Shiva][TheoTheodoridis]...

6.1.13. [Scene_12]

6.1.14. [Scene_13]

6.1.15. [Scene_14]

6.1.16. [Scene_15]

6.1.17. [Scene_16]

6.1.18. [Scene_17]

6.1.19. [Scene_18]

6.1.20. [Scene_19]

6.1.21. [Scene_20]

6.1.22. [Scene_21]

6.1.23. [Scene_22]

6.1.24. [Scene-23]

6.1.25. [Scene_24]

6.1.26. [Scene_25]

6.1.27. [Scene_26]

6.1.28. [Scene_27]

6.1.29. [Scene_28]

6.1.30. [Scene_29]

6.1.31. [Scene_30]

6.2. THEME

6.2.1. 3_Sculptors Theme_Beginning_Scene HumboldtCountyCA_Beach Theme_Middle_Scene [Sculpting] [Pool_Shooting]

6.2.2. Sexy_Scenes [Sex_2] MichaelDouglas & PeneloeCruz [Sex_3] Nude_Paintiing [Sex_4] MichaelDouglas & MaggieQ

6.2.3. MusicalPerformance Garage AmericanIndianCommunityTheater