Scholar Academic Ideology

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Scholar Academic Ideology by Mind Map: Scholar Academic Ideology

1. Foundational Ideas of Curriculum and Discipline

1.1. Initiation into the Discipline

1.2. Grounding Curriculum in a discipline

1.3. Drawing upon the discipline knowledge

1.4. Priorities

2. Disciplines, Intellect, Knowledge: An Assumed Equivalence

2.1. Education as an extension of disciplines, intellect and knowledge

2.2. Global Considerations

2.3. Local Considerations

3. The Academic Disciplines

3.1. Disciplines as a Community

3.2. Disciplines as a Hierarchical Community

3.3. The Learning - Teaching Dynamic of Discipline

3.4. The Educative Process Within the Academic Community

4. Curriculum Issues

4.1. Classification and selection of discipline knowledge=pluralistic

4.2. Curriculum as a reflection of the discipline

4.3. Curriculum improvement

5. The Child

5.1. The child as mind is having powers capable of being schooled

5.2. Mind=storage and performs mental opperations

5.3. Students = immature members of academics that can move to higher level on the hierarchy

6. Learning

6.1. Man is designed to both learn and teach

6.2. Teacher=transmitter / Learner=reviewer of disciplines knowledge

6.3. Many theories of learning

6.4. Learning is parallel to inquiry

6.5. Students are not the same

7. Teaching

7.1. Functions of teaching=functions of the discipline

7.2. Teachers are mediators, transmitters or translators

8. Teaching Methods

8.1. Didactic Discourse

8.2. Supervised Practice

8.3. Socratic Discussion

9. Evaluation

9.1. Objective

10. Guiding Questions by Katie Bathe

10.1. What is Scholar Academic Ideology?

10.2. What are some of the main characteristics of this Ideology?