Are you selling out by doing business in China?

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Are you selling out by doing business in China? by Mind Map: Are you selling out by doing business  in China?

1. NBA - Hong Kong Situation

1.1. COMPLEX ARTICLE A Timeline of the Complicated Controversy Between the NBA and China Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019: Morey Apologizes


1.3. Values versus Interests

1.3.1. China loves basketball, but doesn't like the NBA

1.4. China and the Houston Rockets

1.4.1. Yao Ming

1.4.2. Jeremy Lin

2. Mark Zuckerburg is anti-Tik Tok/China, but has a history of trying to conform to Chinese government for FB's gain.

2.1. Zuckerburg has been quoted saying he supports the local laws of the land where he operates

2.1.1. We don't know for sure if Zuckerburg would censor on FB to comply with local laws but he seemed to be willing to at the time

2.1.2. Zuckerburg doesnt support Tik Tok in states because they will censor Hong Kong supporters within the app ON American soil

3. Is it morally right to operate or manufacture in China?

3.1. Why manufacture in China

3.1.1. Electrical Machinery Producing major machine goods using hih-tech intensive manufacturing

3.1.2. Clothing 100,000 garments producing factories in china

3.1.3. Existing infrastructure, low wages, economies of scale

3.1.4. Automotive Parts World leading auto parts manufactures and exports products at a high production efficiency

3.1.5. Furniture, lighting Worlds largest exporters of furniture

3.1.6. Cases, Hnadbags, Wallet $37M with a CAGR of 14.5%

3.1.7. Shenzhen, China Epicenter of Manufacturing in Asia Only city to grant VISAs to foreigners

3.1.8. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) *Depending on the complexity of the items this MOQ reduces 1,000 pieces Glassware or Plush Toys 200-500 pieces Hardware

3.1.9. Sourcing Materials Quality in Chinese production is high unlike popular demand

3.2. Everything You Need to Know about Manufacturing in China | Sourcify

4. Is it possible to create economies of scale without manufacturing in China?

4.1. Mexico?

4.2. Does this apply with just consumer goods?

5. Is there a certain dollar amount you need to be operating in for this to impact your business?

6. If you're starting a business tomorrow and need a prototype, MOQ, factories, etc to create your product here are some resources you can use to find ethical solutions...


7. Top ten things you need to know about doing business in china

7.1. Intellectual property

7.2. Raising private equity in China

8. Why did Amazon fail to gain traction in China?

8.1. Does the US put similar restrictions on Chinese companies operating in the states?

8.2. What restrictions are put on the business? Is it infrastructurally or the people aren't gravitating?