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Strategic Plan by Mind Map: Strategic Plan

1. Develop a Vision Statement

1.1. What will the business look like?

1.2. Where do we want to be?

1.3. Aspirations

2. Develop a Mission Statement

2.1. How the business will get to where it wants to be

2.2. What is the business?

2.2.1. Purpose

2.2.2. Processes

2.2.3. Values

3. Identify Strategic Objectives

3.1. What the business intends to achieve

3.2. Key business areas

3.3. Required results

3.4. Medium and long-term

4. Implementation Plans

4.1. Goals & Objectives

4.1.1. Budgets

4.1.2. Payscale

4.1.3. Moving up in company

4.1.4. Being team player