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Child by Mind Map: Child

1. The testees are asked to desribe a picture using only one word. For example when shown a picture of a woman holding a microphone, the child is asked, "what is she doing?" To which one could respond, "singing", which would be considered the correct answer in the scenario.

2. PPVT Assessment : This test measures hearing and vocabulary in a broad range of ages of people from children to adults.

2.1. Also called the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test

2.2. This test takes about 10-15 minutes long to complete with a person

2.3. Consists of 175 stimulus words accompanied by corresponding pictures with them

2.4. Usually a group of pictures are shown at once; it is up to the child to pick the correct picture that corresponds to the question asked. For example, they could be asked to point to a ball on a piece of paper that had images of a ball, dog, tree, and backpack. It is up to the testee to choose the correct option.

3. EVT Assessment: This assessment measures the child's expressive vocabulary through labeling and synonym items.

3.1. Testees are shown pictures in this assessment as well, but are also given questions or prompts as a part of the testing

3.2. Also called the Expressive Vocabulary Test

3.3. Co-normed with the PPVT test

3.4. This test takes about 10-20 minutes to complete with a person