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1. My Role

1.1. Belbin Team Roles

1.1.1. 'shaper' strengths driven, passionate, energetic have a need for achievement look for a challenge know how to get people moving strong will power and focus can deal with conflict weaknesses intolerant behaviour towards people without ambition catching other people off-guard

1.1.2. 'monitor evaluator' strengths sensible, cautious, critical analytical ability able to ask follow-up questions in order to arrive at the right solution think things over carefully with respect to the possible impact before they make a decision weaknesses detachment acting contemplatively because of over analysing as a result of being 'monitor evaluator' I was responsible for conducting the user testing for our collaterals and core artefact

1.2. In the Public Relations stream of Professional Communication

1.2.1. strong writing abilities

1.2.2. strong communication skills

1.2.3. good with public speaking as a result I was involved in presenting to the client

1.3. Have a background in Media

1.3.1. I have completed a semester in the media stream of Professional Communication

1.3.2. I was responsible for creating our video which communicated the project concept and rationale

2. Key Learnings

2.1. Insights/learnings gained from working with Global X

2.1.1. developed my understanding of the 'creative process'

2.1.2. time management

2.1.3. being concise when presenting with a time limit

2.2. Professional Practice

2.2.1. the value of user testing for artefacts, collateral and the overall message for your target audience

2.2.2. the value that brainstorming and idea generation can have when discussed in a team with members from different disciplines

3. Interdisciplinary Study

3.1. Advantages

3.1.1. collaboration leads to greater creativity stronger content

3.1.2. different skills allows different perspectives to be considered critical thinking skills are engaged and developed

3.1.3. allows for unique learning opportunities can learn from peers can learn methods from another discipline deepens the learning experience

3.1.4. encourage 'constructivist paradigm' people create their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiences and reflection on those experiences when students encounter something new, they have to integrate it with previous ideas and experiences by connecting the new knowledge to something already known the theory assumes that we are active creators of our own knowledge

3.2. Disadvantages

3.2.1. breadth could come at the expense of depth

3.2.2. some students may find the fast pace of interdisciplinary study/teaching too challenging in order to fully grasp and understand concepts

3.2.3. assessment methods vary and may not be suited to everyone this could also be considered an advantage as it allows students to experience new methods and learn how to execute them correctly