How To Create A Mastermind Group: My Step By Step Blueprint

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How To Create A Mastermind Group: My Step By Step Blueprint by Mind Map: How To Create A Mastermind Group: My Step By Step Blueprint

1. Why should you start a Mastermind Group

1.1. Accountability

1.1.1. Get together twice a year to held each other accountable.

1.2. Goal Setting

1.2.1. Gives you foresighted vision what to do next.

1.3. Bonus: Collaboration

1.3.1. The best partners are typically inside of your mastermind group.

1.4. Bonus 2: Best Way to Learn

1.4.1. It's learning from people who are in the weeds doing it every single day, people that read theory in a book.

2. Who Should be in Your Mastermind Group

2.1. Phase #1: What's the Topic?

2.1.1. Some are business building, fitness, financial planning, find that group of people to be interested.

2.2. Phase #2: The Right People

2.2.1. The one that complement each other, shared ideas that help the group grow together.

2.3. Why is Your Mastermind Different?

2.3.1. Make your group special, figure out for yourself what makes yours different, to come and attract the people.

3. How Do You Fill Your Mastermind Group

3.1. 1. Application Process

3.1.1. Get somebody in that make sure the right fit for the group you try to build.

3.2. 2. Protect Your Group

3.2.1. It's like protecting your family. Sometimes, you had to kick people out because they are not willing to share, or they were takers and not serving the group.

3.3. 3. Cap the Number of Members

3.3.1. Result #1: Kept people in because the group was finite

3.3.2. Result #2: The group is locked out and everybody keeps re-upping year in and year out.

4. Where Should You Host Your Mastermind Group

4.1. Pick a Location - (Virtually, On Location, Abroad)

4.1.1. Option #1: Have the Group Come to You Maybe there hometown

4.1.2. Option #2: Take the Group Somewhere Nice Do the mastermind group and then have a extended vacation

4.2. Protip: Create name tags and move people around.

4.2.1. Sit next to people who are new, so you can talk and get to know about them.

4.3. Protip: Rearrange seats daily

4.3.1. Never seat 2 days in a rows with the same person

5. What Should You Give to Your Mastermind Group

5.1. Supply Notebooks

5.1.1. To write full notes and give an extra million dollars idea

6. How to Teach Your Mastermind Group

6.1. Keep the Energy Up

6.1.1. Give the energy really really high to have sucessful experience

6.2. Give Your Group Swag

6.3. Set the Mood

6.3.1. Have an ambiance and a feel that feels a little bit different. Learning and enjoying at the same time.

6.4. Pump Oxygen in the Room

6.4.1. To make sure everybody stays awake

6.5. Have Your Group Move Around the Room

6.5.1. Momentum keep you forward, momentum keeps your brain working and functioning at the highest level.

6.6. Have a DJ

6.6.1. If it's super quiet, it keeps the energy low. Keep the energy high like a clubhouse.

6.7. Big Whiteboard and Giant Markers

6.7.1. People can see even from the very back of the room

6.8. Use a Mic Box

6.8.1. Mics that can actually throw across the room. Ask the question and throw it back to keeps the energy high.

6.9. Provide Energy Drinks

6.9.1. Most of the entrepreneurs have ADD and not used to sit in a classroom

6.10. Cater in Healthy Lunches

6.10.1. Foods are paleo. Lots of meats and vegetables to make sure that nobody slows down mentally or physically.

7. How to Structure Your Mastermind Group

7.1. Start by Setting the Tone

7.1.1. Explain how it's gonna work.

7.2. Share Your Own Takeaways

7.3. Bring Fresh Content to Your Group

7.3.1. Bring the best, newest and coolest stuff. The stuff they wouldn't see anywhere else.

7.4. 30 Minute Presentation

7.4.1. We have each person gets a chance to get up on stage and talk about their business.

7.5. Protip: Always provide value first before asking for help.

7.6. The Last 15 Minutes for Feedback

7.6.1. Ask the group for help, things that they're working on, stuck, not sure about, Tell them not what they wanna hear but what they need to hear.

7.7. Walk, Talk, and Share

7.7.1. Share the biggest takeaways you got from that person's presentation. Grab a partner and share it to them.

7.8. End of the Day: Share Biggest Takeaways

7.8.1. Allow every single person to share the biggest takeaway they got. Have everyone spend few minutes. Every single person's biggest takeaway is different.

7.9. Go Out with the Group Each Night

7.9.1. Everyone gets together, keep the party, energy and networking to build relationships even stronger, help to understand each other,

8. The Most Important Element of a Mastermind Group

8.1. Benefits of Having a Mastermind Group

8.1.1. People that understand you.

8.1.2. Treat each other like colleagues, acquaintances and family.

8.1.3. Someone is there for you on your down times, experience the pain of your sacrifice, and celebrate to your wins.