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1. I think cultural identity is very important and people should protect their own culture.-Justyna

2. I think cultural identity so important for a country

3. People should protect their culture.

4. If countries lose their culture,they lose their past.

5. Cultures are influenced by other cultures. thi actually shows that we can have cammon cultures.

6. To me cultural identity shows how people live in their countries.

7. The world has a great cultural wealth and with these riches everything is more beautiful.

8. In my opinnion cultural identity shows attributes for some country. -Mateusz

9. Football is important in Germany. Its a big Passion of most German. -Mandy

10. The Oktoberfest in munich is a yearly tradition. Tey drink a lot of beer and eat white sausages there. - Mandy

11. The past and history of our country is our identity. -Mandy

12. Cultural identity gives us a sense of belonging and it affects positively the perception we have of ourselfs.-Daniela

13. Some young people might find it hard to make sense of their cultural identity. They might have a mixed background or be living in a society where the main culture is different to their own. They might feel for a while like they don’t fit in anywhere and might resent or reject certain parts of their cultures in an effort to feel more accepted by others. If a young person doesn’t really know where they fit in, see if you can help them find a space where they belong!- Daniela

14. It provides people with access to social networks which provide support and shared values and aspirations. These can help break down barriers and build a sense of trust between people. An established cultural identity has also been linked with positive outcomes in areas such as health and education.-Daniela

15. Culture is the shared characteristics of a group of people like, place of birth, religion, language, cuisine, social behaviors, art, literature, and music. Some cultures are widespread, and have a large number of people . Others are relatively small, with only a small number of people. No matter if a culture is widespread or kept within a small region, is young or old, or has changed over time or stayed the same, every culture can teach us about ourselves, others, and the global community. -Teo