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Speakout by Mind Map: Speakout

1. Unit 1 Life

1.1. 1.1 Are you happy?

1.1.1. Vocabulary: Go shopping, Go on holiday, Have time off, Have a barbecue, Play basketball, Spend money, Eat out.

1.1.2. Grammar: Question with auxiliaries Question with be Example: What did you do last night? Where were you born?

1.2. 1.2 True love

1.2.1. Vocabulary: Met, Got on well, Have a girlfriend, Fell in love, Got married, Argued, Got divorced, Got back together again, Accepted, Asked her to marry him.

1.2.2. Grammar: Past simple +: S + was/ were S + V-ed -: S + was/were not + V(infinitive) S + did not + V(infinitive) ?: Was/Were+ S + V(infinitive)? Did + S + V(infinitive)?

1.3. 1.3 Nice day, isn"t it?

1.3.1. Vocabulary: Films, Your health problems, Sport, Your new computer, The weather, Politics, Studies, Cars, Your age.

1.3.2. Function: Making conversation.

1.4. 1.4 Blackpool

2. Unit 2 Work

2.1. 2.1 The company 4 U?

2.1.1. Vocabulary: Company, Office, Subsidiary, Head quarter, Salary, Supervisor, Colleague, Employee, Wholesaler, Interview, Custormer, Hire, Fire/Sack, Promote, Regarding about.

2.1.2. Grammar: Present simple and continuous. - Present continuous: + S + be (am/is/are) + V-ing + (O) - S + be-not + V-ing + (O) ? (WH) + Be + S + V-ing + (O)?

2.2. 2.2 A risky business

2.2.1. Vocabulary: Sales rep, Fashion designer, IT consultant, Foreign correspondent, Personal trainer, Rescue worker, Motorcycle courier, Sale assistant.

2.2.2. Grammar: Adverbs of frequency Example: Nerver, Often, Sometimes, Usually, Rarely, Always, Hardly ever, Once in a while, Occasionally.

2.3. 2.3 I like working outside

2.3.1. Vocabulary: Sales and marketing, Educaation, Retail, Accounts, The entertainment industry, The fashion industry, The tourist industry, The food industry

2.3.2. Function: Expressing likes/ dislikes.

2.4. 2.4 Dream Commuters

3. Unit 4 Great mind

3.1. 4.1 Secret talents

3.1.1. Vocabulary: a low budget film,a blockbuster, catch the latest movie, to back up files, computer buff, digital editing, aches and pains, to be under the weather, tp phone in sick,,...

3.1.2. Grammar: Present perfect

3.2. 4.2 School of thought

3.2.1. Vocabulary: mix, seperate, gender, academic rusults, concentrate, interact efectively

3.2.2. Grammar: can, have to, must

3.2.3. How to talk about obligations

3.3. 4.3 What should I do?

3.3.1. Vocabulary: knowledge, memorise, limit, look up, translate, suppose, subtide, average, intruction,...

3.3.2. Function: giving advice

3.3.3. How to respond to advice

4. Unit 3 Time out

4.1. 3.1 London for free

4.1.1. Vocabulary: a bar, a market, a concenrt, a club, a pub, a art gallery, band, snack, the bus,...

4.2. 3.2 Weird or wonderful?

4.2.1. rock, actor, sculptor, painter, songwriter, pop, classical, composer, jazz,...

4.3. 3.3 Can I take a message?

4.3.1. message, arrange to meet friends, book a table, change a ticket, talk business,..