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EARTH SCIENCE test prep by Mind Map: EARTH SCIENCE test prep

1. 1. Catastrophism

1.1. James Usher, the earth has been created by catastrophes

2. 2. Uniformitarism

2.1. James hutton, the earth is created with slow changes such as erosions, which created the earth features

3. Rock age

3.1. Rock cycle

3.1.1. Magma All three types of rocks can melt to become magma. They melt when they are sub-ducted into the earths mantle

3.1.2. Volcanic erosion Lava erupts from the volcano.

3.1.3. Igneous Rock The magma and lava cools down

3.1.4. Sediments

3.1.5. Sedimentary rocks

3.1.6. Metamorphic rocks

3.2. Numerical and relative data

4. Minerals

5. Carbon 14

6. Isotopes

7. Scientists

8. Hydrologic system

9. Mass movement

10. Soil

11. Glaciars

12. Fossils