April Pruski

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April Pruski by Mind Map: April Pruski

1. Origins

1.1. From New York City

1.1.1. NYC girl up through graduate education

1.2. Now living in Baltimore

1.2.1. Only place I've lived outside of NY!

2. Industry

2.1. Medical Doctor

2.1.1. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Stroke Rehabilitation

3. Places I have Traveled in the last year

3.1. Moorea, French Polynesian Islands

3.2. Dolomites in Italy

3.3. Patagonia

3.4. Buenos Aires

3.5. United Arab Emirates

3.6. Hawaii

3.7. Puerto Rico

4. Hobbies I can't live without

4.1. Skiing, since the age of 2!

4.2. Biking