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Hamlet by Mind Map: Hamlet

1. Key Concepts

1.1. Culture/Beliefs

1.1.1. The play Hamlet is linked to culture as the play is set in Denmark, and during this time religion was very important. For instance, Hamlet is Christian and he is very religious. In Act 3 Scene 1 he was contemplating whether or not he should commit suicide. However, he then decided he should not because he did not want to be punished by God because if his sins. Therefore, the culture and beliefs of Denmark plays a huge role in the play.

2. Global Issue

2.1. Mental Health

2.1.1. Depression Depression plays a huge role in the play as there are many main characters who are going through depression. For instance, Hamlet is mentally ill as he is grieving over the death of his father. In addition, tis tragedy has caused to go mad because of his depression. Hamlet expresses his feelings in his soliloquies and states that he would rather die and end his misery.

3. Literary Terms

3.1. Iambic Pentameter

3.1.1. Shakespeare's use of word stress makes his work significant. Most of his work follows the rhythm of your heartbeat. Here is a link that shows some examples from the play

3.2. Revenge Tragedy

3.2.1. Revenge tragedy is on of the key themes of the play as it is what this play revolves around. Hamlet wants to get revenge on the death of his father, since he was murdered by his uncle Claudius. In addition, Laertes wants to get revenge over the death of his father Polonius as he was killed by Hamlet because he though he was Claudius.

4. Link to Shakespeare Family

4.1. The play Hamlet could be linked to his family as his son was called Hamnet. He died a couple years before Shakespeare wrote the play. Thus, this sets the tone of the play as Hamlet is grieving over the death of his son.