Hayley: About me

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Hayley: About me by Mind Map: Hayley: About me

1. Education

1.1. Michigan State undergrad in Food Science

1.2. Second year Carey Student

1.3. Lean / Six Sigma yellow belt

2. Places I've lived

2.1. Southeast Michigan

2.2. Omaha, NE

2.3. Pittsburgh, PA

2.4. Cincinnati, OH

2.5. Chicago, IL

2.6. Washington, DC

3. Career

3.1. Began with HJ Heinz in Pittsburgh in a "operations trainee" program

3.2. Moved to Cincinnati to work in a Heinz factory as the QA supervisor

3.3. Moved to Chicago, IL to work for Kraft Heinz (port-merger) in R&D. Launched products under Capri Sun, Planters Peanuts, and Fruit Love

3.4. Currently working in Arlington, VA for Nestle USA in the beverages department. Specifically, coffee-creamers (Coffee-mate, Natural Bliss, etc.)

4. Hobbies / MISC personal

4.1. I have a 12 year old Shih-Tzu named Cooper

4.2. Choral singing past and once was in a Lifetime movie doing so

4.3. Trivia buff on former US Presidents