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1. For banks

1.1. Potential competitors in the battle for market share

1.2. Information security risk

1.3. The challenge of large-scale human resource cutting

2. Brief introduction

2.1. Brief definition

2.2. The reason of Fintech development strongly

2.3. Fintech's target

2.3.1. Financial institutions

2.3.2. Customers

2.4. Fintech's products

2.4.1. Consumer products

2.4.2. Back-office technology products

3. Effect of Fintech to banking system

3.1. The changes distribution channel and traditional financial products and services

3.2. The development and application of new high technologies

4. Opportunity

4.1. For banks

4.1.1. Expanding access to financial-banking services

4.1.2. The shift to Omni-channel bankings

4.2. For Regulators

4.2.1. Flexibility and Synchronization in management

5. Challenges

5.1. For Regulators

5.1.1. Completion of mechanisms, policies and legal corridors

5.1.2. Poor technology infrastructure

6. Market reactions

6.1. For banks

6.1.1. Collaboration with Fintech companies Types of arrangements with Fintech companies Advantages Approaching customers more easily Saving time and resource investments Disadvantages Data security and privacy Sharing profit

6.1.2. Investment activities in Fintech Mode of investment Developing digital channels M&A with Fintech start-up Advantages Building a separate ecosystem Exploiting customer data maximum Disadvantages A huge amount of capital in long run plan Change of technology and customer expectations continuously

6.2. For Regulators

6.2.1. Regulatory Sandbox

6.2.2. Legal Framework

6.2.3. Promoting the collaboration between banks and fintech firms

7. Suggestions

7.1. For banks

7.1.1. Diversification products

7.1.2. Strengthen co-operation between the parties

7.1.3. Enhancing and investing in research the advanced technology

7.1.4. Improving high quality human resources

7.2. For Regulators

7.2.1. Completing synchronization of the legal corridor

7.2.2. Developing Fintech development policies and Enhancing technology infrastructure