Contested A War

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Contested A War by Mind Map: Contested A War

1. 1. USA. Britain !

2. Government sanctioned brutalites

3. War tribunal due in absencia, blame on young Turks not government

4. Written orders for deportation but verbal orders to kill

5. Convicted murderers released to carry out can this be tracked if ind. is already violent and what does this say about the society afterwards that would allow them back in the fold without being prosocuted?

6. Actual number of deaths...undecided

7. Tribunals only convicted , tried and executed lospwer officials. They then lapsed into inactivity. But the records do document that the violence happened.

8. To admit to these atrocities contradict the initial grandeur of the ottoman empire as being all accepting. “ in the full flash of the ottoman enthusiasm for freedom and equality, the Christians were encouraged to bear arms and received military training “

9. Armenians were supposedly colluding with the Russians to establish a her homeland in the ottoman empire

10. Deportation to the Sahara desert what is a convenient way to massacre. Victims are robbed on the way, and the likelihood that they would even survive once I got there was now

11. A true belief that what they were doing was in line with the religious connections

12. HOW

13. WHY