Benefits of ISTE for Students

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Benefits of ISTE for Students by Mind Map: Benefits of ISTE for Students

1. Digital Citizen

1.1. Respect online for one's self and others

1.2. Keep everyone safe and positively impact the cyber world

1.3. ISTE makes the user think carefully about what they post

1.4. Help with the personal safety and security of the user

2. Communication

2.1. Teaches students how to communicate with one another.

2.2. Teaches effective and digital usage methods of communicating.

2.3. Students determine who their target audience.

3. Global Impact

3.1. Teach open minded and expansion of cultural knowledge.

3.2. There is a wide variety of sources that a student can access from all over the world.

3.3. Students can engage in communication with other students and people from different parts of the world with ease and quickly.

4. Original Design

4.1. Exploration of these new sites allows students to create their own new formats

4.2. Students can personalize projects through the new forms of technology that are available.

4.3. The variety of tools to use for students gives them a chance to display their knowledge of technology and of the subject of study.

5. Knowledge

5.1. Students build credible knowledge.

5.2. The newfound knowledge can allow the students to make better decisions and create better presentations.

5.3. This knowledge gives students a better critical eye and allows them to distinguish between a good and bad source.

6. Learner

6.1. Student lead lessons and take responsibility for their learning.

6.2. When students use these methods, they have more confidence and motivation.

6.3. The teacher should guide the student more than lecture.

7. ISTE Standard●S 1 Empowered Learner