Week 9 Reflection

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Week 9 Reflection by Mind Map: Week 9 Reflection

1. What are your goals?

1.1. Goals: have homework done each week before Saturday and complete reflection Sunday eve. Pass the class with an A!

2. What is going well for meeting your personal goals?

2.1. I am a goal maker! Each night when I come home from work, I have goals set for what I want to accomplish for that night. I focus on one night at a time so I don't become overwhelmed! Daily goals are a HUGE help!

3. What resources have been helpful?

3.1. The library page and having the teacher take the time to explain the resources through the library.

3.2. For the lesson plan, the PowerPoint was helpful! Also it was SUPER easy putting together the lesson when the annotated bibliography was completed!

4. What are your struggles or obstacles?

4.1. Having the energy to do homework. I try my best to get everything done during the week so I can relax and keep ahead on housework. It doesn't always work, especially lately since so many unexpected life events have happened.

5. What are you doing to overcome your roadblocks?

5.1. Taking it day by day. Making goals each night on what I need to have completed. If I get that done and I am not exhausted I will do a little bit more.

6. What are your expectations for the rest of the semester?

6.1. Complete the course and learn as much as I can! I love using the different ways using technology for reflections!

7. Lesson plan

7.1. The more slides the better, you don't want the slide talking for you.

7.2. Large font should be used if using PowerPoint

7.3. One idea per slide is a great idea!