Wholesaling R.E Overview

This is an overview of important subjects we will cover while learning Real Estate Wholesaling. We will go in-depth during our live coaching sessions and we will provide you the tools and softwares to get started today.

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Wholesaling R.E Overview by Mind Map: Wholesaling R.E Overview

1. Driving for dollars

2. Affidavit of Equitable interest

3. How to find and negotiate w/ cash buyers

4. Creative deal structuring

4.1. Seller Financing

4.2. Subject to...

4.3. BRRRR

4.4. Case studies

4.5. Lease option/purchase

4.6. How to wholesale a creatively financed deal?

4.7. How to hold for long term cash flow?

5. Understand the concept

5.1. How exactly does it work?

5.2. Is it legal?

5.3. Step by step Case Studies

6. What's considered a deal? (Deal Vs Lead)

6.1. Motivated sellers

6.2. Deal for fix and flip?

6.3. Deal for buy and Hold?

6.4. Retail?

6.5. Market analysis and Comps

6.6. Case Studies

7. How to Build a Team/Business

7.1. Why a team?

7.2. Acquisition

7.3. Disposition

7.4. Marketing team

7.5. Legal team

7.6. Contractors

7.7. Financials

7.8. Compensation plan

8. How to find deals?

8.1. How to negotiate with sellers

8.2. Acquiring Lists

8.3. Outbound Marketing strategies

8.4. Inbound marketing strategies

8.5. Objections handling

8.6. Scripts

9. Contracts

9.1. Purchase and sale agreement

9.2. Assignment

9.3. Double close

9.4. Marketing Fee

9.5. How to close deals

9.6. Amendments

9.7. Case studies

9.8. Closing statements

9.9. Title company or Closing attorney?

10. Systems

10.1. Consistent Lead Generation

10.2. Softwares