Improve moving abroad experience for entrepreneurs thanks to a web service

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Improve moving abroad experience for entrepreneurs thanks to a web service by Mind Map: Improve moving abroad experience for entrepreneurs thanks to a web service

1. What Apps can help me ? How technologies can help me ?

1.1. Apps for Getting Around in a Foreign Land

1.1.1. CityMaps2Go

1.1.2. Transit Directions by Moovit

1.1.3. SitORSquat: Restroom Finder

1.2. Language and Translation Applications

1.2.1. Duolingo

1.2.2. Google Translate

1.3. Finance and Banking Apps for Expatriates

1.3.1. Mint

1.3.2. XE Currency

1.4. Travel Apps for International Citizens

1.4.1. Skyscanner

1.4.2. Hipmunk

1.4.3. TripIt

1.5. Entertainment And Dining in A Foreign City

1.5.1. Foodspotting

1.5.2. Gravy

1.5.3. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

1.6. Communication and Messaging with Family Back Home

1.6.1. Messenger

1.6.2. Skype

1.7. Productivity Apps

1.7.1. WiFi Finder

1.7.2. Evernote

1.7.3. Wunderlist: To-Do List and Tasks

1.7.4. DocuSign

2. The perfect Checklist for entrepreneurs who wants moving abroad

2.1. Travel Arrangements for Your Move Overseas

2.1.1. Update Your Passport and Obtain Your Necessary Visa

2.1.2. Book Your International Ticket

2.1.3. Package and Ship What You Can’t Carry Along

2.1.4. Make Copies of All Important Documents

2.1.5. Make Arrangements for Your First Night in Your Host Country

2.2. Health Checklist for an Overseas Move

2.2.1. Purchase Medical Insurance

2.2.2. Get Necessary Immunizations

2.2.3. Visit the Doctor for a Checkup

2.2.4. Staying Safe While Abroad

2.3. Home Considerations

2.3.1. Determine Which Items You Will Bring

2.3.2. Store, Sell or Donate Everything Else

2.3.3. Turn Off All Utilities

2.3.4. Sell or Rent Your House

2.3.5. Sell Your Car or Arrange for it to Be Shipped

2.3.6. Explore Home Options in Your Host Country

2.4. Banking and International Accounts

2.4.1. Set Up an Account You Can Use Overseas

2.4.2. Inform Your Current Bank/Credit Cards About Your Move

2.5. Moving Your Pet Abroad

2.5.1. Check the Pet Regulations of Your Host Country

2.5.2. Ensure Your Pet is Up to Date On Its Shots

2.5.3. Check Whether Your Pet Can Handle the Move

2.5.4. Obtain Any Necessary Medications

2.5.5. Gather All Updated Documents on Your Pet to Bring Along

2.6. Other Moving Abroad Checklist Items

2.6.1. Set a Budget

2.6.2. Get Some Local Currency

2.6.3. Cancel Your Gym Membership

2.6.4. Take Language Lessons

2.7. Post-Moving Abroad Checklist

2.7.1. Purchase and activate a cell phone that will work internationally

2.7.2. If You Have Not Yet Already, Search for Housing Options

2.7.3. Set Up Your Internet and Utilities

2.7.4. Locate the Nearest Hospital and Pharmacy in Your Host Country

3. Founding a community

3.1. Share tips and experiences

3.2. Use social media , social platform


3.2.2. Ryze - the original social network for business

3.2.3. BizWarriors Small Business & Entrepreneur Forum

3.2.4. Facebook Facebook groups are numerous: ;

3.3. Motivate each other and build relationships

3.3.1. Friendship can make an experience abroad better

3.3.2. Enable to network: entrepreneurs can find opportunities for their business

3.3.3. Through relationships: accommodation, jobs etc.

3.3.4. Connect with people they usually wouldn't

3.4. To feel less lonely

3.4.1. Breaking down wall to create innovation can be a lonely task

3.4.2. Being alone in a foreign country

3.4.3. Health 7 Reasons Entrepreneurs Are Particularly Vulnerable to Mental Health Challenges There is a mental health crisis in entrepreneurship. Here’s how to tackle it Negative emotions of an entrepreneurial career: Self-employment and regulatory coping behaviors The psychological costs of owning and managing an SME: Linking job stressors, occupational loneliness, entrepreneurial orientation, and burnout

4. What are the advantages of moving abroad ? How to do that ?

4.1. Governemental administration to be done:

4.1.1. If you created your own company before moving abroad : To continue your activity, you must keep a registered address in France. This address is not necessarily the address of your residence. Once your new address has been defined, you will have to inform your CFE of this change. You will then have to fill in the P2-P4 form for modifying an activity, in the section dedicated to the change of address.

4.1.2. You create your own company from abroad. You will need to complete the P0 microentrepreneur form and attach all the supporting documents requested. You will then have to send your file to the ETC on which you depend.

4.1.3. Regulations may sometimes require you to have a visa to work in the territory. Passeport, visa, permis de travail

4.1.4. As soon as your company is domiciled in France, you remain a French tax resident, even if you are not more than 6 months a year. The administration considers that since the centre of your economic interests is located in the territory, you must pay taxes there. You therefore have the obligation to continue to declare your income to the French tax authorities.

4.1.5. If your host country has a tax agreement with the French administration, you will avoid double taxation. On the other hand, if no tax treaty has been concluded between France and your host country, you may be subject to double taxation

4.2. How to survive as an expat entrepreneur abroad

4.2.1. Invest in personal acclimatization

4.2.2. Don’t assume smooth sailing is the norm

4.2.3. Pre-move prep is essential

4.2.4. Respect local business customs

4.2.5. Perseverance is key

4.3. The Challenges of Launching a Startup in a Foreign Market:

4.3.1. New government regulations (tip: hiring local consultants and experts who can guide them through the process in order to avoid making mistakes.)

4.3.2. Language and cultural subtleties

4.3.3. A new online realm

4.3.4. Reliable partners

4.3.5. Rebuilding your brand in a new market (adapt yourself)

5. How moving abroad for a entrepreneurs ?

5.1. 5 Tips for Starting a Business Overseas

5.1.1. Pick your destination

5.1.2. Check the market

5.1.3. Get to know the locals

5.1.4. Know how to operate overseas

5.1.5. Create a website

5.2. Why do I should moving abroad ?

5.2.1. Develop your skillset Factors influencing the decision to move abroad To develop our communication skill Collaboration Build a large network : increase the possibility to develop new businesses Adaptive skill Emotional intelligence Personality Traits of Entrepreneurs:

5.2.2. Develop your reputation