Guided Reading

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Guided Reading by Mind Map: Guided Reading

1. Romance

1.1. Differentiated Instruction

1.1.1. Provided the opportunity for students to read proficiently every day, but supports students to take on more challenging text

1.2. Leveled Books

1.2.1. Allows for teachers to match students to books for supporting or challenging their reading ability

1.3. Benchmark Assessment Conferences

1.3.1. Having student read to teacher to learn students' instructional and independent reading levels

1.4. Running Records

1.4.1. Provides sound assessment for making decisions on independent reading and instructional level

1.5. Gradient Text

1.5.1. Allow teachers to select text that will help students read proficiently and increase their reading abilities

1.6. Elements of Proficient Reading

1.6.1. Decoding accuracy

1.6.2. Comprehension skills

1.6.3. Fluency ability

1.7. Elements of a Guided Reading Lesson

1.7.1. Introduction to text

1.7.2. Appropriate interaction with students while reading

1.7.3. Guided discussion

1.7.4. Teaching points after reading

1.8. Classroom Libraries

1.8.1. Importance of wide inventory: fiction, nonfiction text, aimed at students interests that do not require teacher support during independent reading

2. Reality

2.1. Shared Understanding of the Reading Process

2.1.1. Thinking Within the Text Solving words Monitoring and correcting Searching for and using information Summarizing information Adjusting reading for different purposes and genres Sustaining fluency

2.1.2. Thinking Beyond the Text Inferring Synthesizing Making connections Predicting

2.1.3. Thinking About the Text Analyzes Critiques

2.1.4. Fluent Processing The efficient and effective processing of meaningful, connected, communicative language

2.1.5. Oral Language Bring the control of oral language to the processing of a text

2.2. Systematic Assessement

2.2.1. Group and Regroup Readers

2.2.2. Guide Teaching

2.2.3. Continuum of Literacy Learning

2.3. Understanding Leveled Texts and Their Demands on Readers

2.3.1. Students should not only be reading books independently that build interest, stamina and fluency but they also need to tackle harder books that provide the opportunity to grow their reading skills

2.4. Self-Reflection

2.4.1. High-quality, highly effective implementation of guided reading involves self-reflection