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As, Of, For by Mind Map: As, Of, For

1. AS

1.1. Summative

1.2. Reports Progress to the teacher, student, and parent

1.3. Shows what students are doing well and what they need extra practice on.

1.4. Scoring is to simplistic and the assessment content is too limited to represent the broad range of skills and knowledge of students.

1.5. Allows teachers to quickly address what the issue is with the students learning.

2. OF

2.1. Emphasizing the role of the student, not only as a contributor to the assessment and learning process, but also as the critical connector between them.

2.2. Students personally monitor what they are learning and use the feedback from this monitoring to make adjustments, adaptations, and even major changes in what they understand.

2.3. This is the ultimate goal where students monitor themselves.

2.4. Students learning goals can continue to grow as they keep challenging themselves

3. FOR

3.1. Shifts from summative to formative

3.2. Teachers collect a wide range of data so that they can modify the learning work for their students

3.3. Assessment for learning happens in the middle of learning, often more than once, rather that at the end

3.4. It helps teachers provide feedback to scaffold next steps.