Fossil Organizer

Project 2 - Fossil Organizer

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Fossil Organizer by Mind Map: Fossil Organizer

1. Terrestrial Organism

1.1. Kingdom Plantae

1.1.1. Has Layers of Sediments Between Filaments of Algae Subkingdom Thallobionta (Algae) Species Thallophytes (F-1)

1.1.2. Uniform Cell Layers from Tree Rings Petrified Wood (F-22)

1.1.3. Looks like an Imprint of a Fern Leaf Carbonized Imprint of Fern Leaf on Shale (F-13)

1.2. Kingdom Animalia

1.2.1. Vertebrates Phylum Chordata (Notochord, Segmented Muscles) Fossilized Dinosaur Bone Fragment (F-21) Herbivorous Dinosaur Tooth Found in Carlsbad, California (Cretaceous Period)

2. Marine Organism

2.1. Phylum Echinodermata (Pentameral/Five-Sided Symmetry)

2.1.1. Has a Five-rayed Starfish Appearance Fossil is Cup Shaped, Looks like the Bud of a Flower Class Blastoidea Cast of Sea Urchin or Sand Dollar Class Echinoidea (F-20)

2.1.2. Stem-like Column with a Hole Running Through the Middle, May have a 5-point Star at one End Subphylum Crinozoa Class Crinoidea (F-12)

2.2. Kingdom Animalia

2.2.1. Invertebrates Phylum Arthropoda (Has Exoskeleton) Subphylum Trilobitomorpha (Bilateral Symmetry, Cephalon (head), Thorax and Pygidium) Phylum Brachiopoda (Shelled Organism Bivalve with Symmetry through the Valve) Small Fossil Cast Medium Permineralized Fossil Phylum Bryozoa (Filter Feeders, Colonial, Calcium Carbonate Skeleton) Has a Branched, Twig-like Appearance Spiral Screw Shaped Fossil Phylum Cnidaria (Sea anemones, Corals, and Jellyfish) Class Anthozoa Phylum Mollusca (Squid, Nautilus, Octopus) Slender, Elongate Fossil, Transverse Constrictions Bivalve,Two Similar Valves, Mirror Images Snail or Slug Fossil, Mold of Coiled Shell Coiled shell is Divided into Chambers Phylum Porifera (Ancient Sponge) Simple Appearance about 4mm in Size

2.2.2. Vertebrates Phylum Chordata (Notochord, Segmented Muscles) Looks Like a Carbonized Fish Fossil Looks like Shark Teeth

2.3. Kingdom Protista (Eukaryotic Single-celled Organisms, Autotrophs, Heterotrophs)

2.3.1. Phylum Protozoa (Single-celled Eukaryotes) About the Size of a Grain of Rice Order Foraminiferida