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Unwind by Mind Map: Unwind

1. Characters

1.1. lev

1.1.1. beginning of the story He´s a tithe who strongly believes in his religion and is quite obviously, secluded and introverted. He doesn´t fully realise what his unwinding will mean for him.

1.1.2. at the end of the story He´s not the weasly tithe that he portrays himself to be and in the end, saves both Connor and Risa lives. He also makes himself a vital part of the unwind community.

1.2. connor

1.2.1. beginning of the story reckless prone to fighting aimless anger's easily troubled

1.2.2. at the end of the story courgeous a natural leader no longer fights randomly only to help people.

1.3. risa

1.3.1. beginning of the story level headed

1.3.2. at the end of the story Risa never lost consciousness

1.4. admiral

1.4.1. at the end of the story

1.4.2. beginning of the story

1.5. Cy-Fi

1.5.1. at the end of the story

1.5.2. beginning of the story

2. Key quotes

2.1. “Unwinds didn't go out with a bang-they didn't even go out with a whimper. they went out with the silence of a candle flame pinched between two fingers.”

3. Key events/plot points

3.1. connor runs away

3.2. connor, lev and risa´s first time meeting

3.3. connor takes one a juvey cop and tranq´s him with his own tranquilizer gun

3.3.1. this goes all around the community they live in and no one besides risa, lev and connor himself know the actual story but the name that was given for whoever who did it (connor) was the Akron AWOL

3.4. lev runs away from connor and risa and meets Cy-Fi

4. Setting

5. ty