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1. Aimee gets a home health referral to go to Mrs. McGee's home to assess her current living situation. Mrs. McGee is living all alone and struggling with her finances. Aimee alerts her local worship committee to help Mrs. McGee with some simple tasks for free.

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Aimee

2.2. Mrs. McGee

2.3. Home Health Agency

2.4. Aimee's Worship Community

3. Do nothing

3.1. Mrs. McGee gets the help that she needs

3.2. Mrs. McGee's house is not properly set up to receive this new equipment so she still has a hard time getting around her house. She can't afford to pay for it so she has some debt and is secretly unhappy

4. Mrs. McGee denies the new equipment

4.1. Mrs. McGee will not get into debt after paying for this new equipment

4.2. Mrs. McGee does not get the equipment that she needs to help her

5. Aimee does not tell her worship community to help Mrs. McGee

5.1. Aimee does not break HIPAA by telling her worship community about Mrs. McGee's situation(s)

5.2. Mrs. McGee doesn't get the household assistance that she needs

6. Aimee could recommend ways for Mrs. McGee to get some assistance

6.1. Mrs. McGee may get the help that she finally needs

6.2. It might make Mrs. McGee feel uncomfortable for needing financial assistance

7. Core Values

7.1. 1. Alturism

7.1.1. 2. Truth

8. Ethical Principles

8.1. 1. Non-Maleficence

8.1.1. 2. Beneficence