Diego and Petra

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Diego and Petra by Mind Map: Diego and Petra

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Diego

1.2. Petra

1.3. Diego's spouse

2. Possible Actions

2.1. Diego does nothing

2.1.1. Petra backs off on her own

2.1.2. Petra still bothers Diego

2.2. Diego gets a restraining order on Petra

2.2.1. Petra stays away from Diego

2.2.2. Petra breaks the restraining order

2.3. Diego talks to Petra

2.3.1. Petra does what Diego said

2.3.2. Petra ignores Diego's request

2.4. Diego goes to the community hospital

2.4.1. The hospital is able to work with Petra during her sessions

2.4.2. Petra continues to bother Diego

3. Diego talks to Petra

3.1. Core Values

3.1.1. Altruism

3.1.2. Dignity

3.2. Ethical Principles

3.2.1. Autonomy

3.2.2. Fidelity