Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma by Mind Map: Ethical Dilemma

1. Dilemma

1.1. Bonita is a 55-year-old Spanish-speaking woman who just underwent post-rotator cuff repair. Her Occupational Therapist, Jessica, recommended that she goes under passive range of motion (PROM). Jessica shows her how to also use an alternative treatment with the use of shoulder pulleys. She lets Bonita know the risks of doing PROM after her procedure and that the preferred intervention would be passive manipulation. Jessica wants to change the original intervention and Bonita informs Jessica she is seeing a curandero. Jessica is worried that this will affect Bonita’s treatment but doesn’t know how to tell her.

2. Action four:Jessica can contact the "Curandero" and talk about what they are doing

2.1. Bonita would have a good relationship with her OT and the "curandero" as well as stay on track

2.2. The "Curandero" can refuse to talk to the OT cause it could go against their beliefs

3. Stakeholders

3.1. Bonita(Client)

3.2. Jessica(Occupational Therapist)

3.3. The "Curandero"(Folk Doctor)

4. Action One: Do Nothing

4.1. Bonita will still be able to see the "Curandero", and she will not get mad at Jessica

4.2. The "Curandero" can impede Bonita"s progress

5. Action two: Tell Bonita to stop seeing the "Curandero"

5.1. The "Curandero" will not be able to mess up Bonita's progress after her rotator cuff repair

5.2. Bonita might get mad at her OT and not come back which will make her loose all progress

6. Action three: Do the treatment with Bonita and allow her to see the "Curandero"

6.1. Bonita will be happy because its part of her culture to see a folk doctor

6.2. In the long-run it can affect her progress and relationship with the OT

7. Core Values:

7.1. Altruism-Concerned for the welfare of Client

7.2. Freedom-Represents choice in a profession that values the desire of the Client

8. Ethical Principles

8.1. Beneficence

8.2. Autonomy