Negative Effects of Technology

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Negative Effects of Technology by Mind Map: Negative Effects of Technology

1. Development

1.1. Negatively affects ability to learn self-regulation

1.2. Negatively Affects Social-Emotional Development

1.2.1. Personal Communication Skills reduced No/less face-to-face interaction

1.2.2. Social Skills Used to make friends Show good manners Language Follow Directions Lack of Social Skills can cause social anxiety and depression

1.2.3. Emotional Skills Control Emotions

1.3. Negatively affect basic math and science skills

1.4. Impairs empathy

1.4.1. Makes it harder to read human emotions

1.4.2. Lack of Empathy Zero-Degree Empathy Zero-Postive Zero-Negative

1.5. Impairs problem-solving skills

1.6. Negative effect on sensorimotor and visual motor skills

1.7. Brain Development

1.7.1. Overuse can affect the frontal lobe which affects: Executative Function Shrinkage of Grey Matter Memory Emotion Control of Muscles Sight Hearing Decision-making Self-control

1.8. Impairs Decision Making Skills

1.8.1. Too much information can be just as dangerous as not enough

2. Light Pollution

2.1. Melatonin

2.1.1. Effects that of all animals which can create a domino effect

2.1.2. Protects DNA from damage Major ingredient for Cancer Especially Breast and Prostate Cancer

2.1.3. Insomnia (blue light tells body to wake up)

2.1.4. Kids may having trouble falling and staying asleep

2.2. Obesity

2.2.1. More screen time=less physical activity

2.3. Depression

3. Learning,Thinking and Attention Abilities

3.1. School

3.1.1. Devices interfere with learning causing grades to drop

3.1.2. Resulted in: losing points, getting called out, missing instructions and not paying attention

3.1.3. Kids aren't concerned with actually learning the material on their homework if they can just look up the answer online

3.1.4. Reading time outside of school decreases

3.2. Noise Pollution

3.2.1. Louder areas make learning (for younger kids, especially words) more difficult, than quieter areas

3.2.2. Louder areas decrease memorization ability

3.2.3. Worse at reading

3.2.4. Sacrifice differentiation ability

3.3. Attention

3.3.1. Ability to focus is decreased in just the presence of a phone

3.3.2. People care more about whether a kid can actual focus on their homework rather than actually be able to do it

3.3.3. Shorter Attention Spans

3.3.4. Distractions are structured into today's society

3.4. Thinking Abilities

3.4.1. Reduced abstract thinking

3.4.2. Imagination is unnecessary

4. Self Doubt/Acting Out

4.1. Having Technology Addicted Parents

4.1.1. more negative outlook on life

4.1.2. Take longer to recover from certain events

4.1.3. Worry more

4.1.4. Less adventurous/ curious about surrondings

4.1.5. Feel irrevelant

4.1.6. Feel they are constantly competing with the phone for attention

4.1.7. Many feel unimportant

4.2. Increased screen time has long-term effects on behavior

5. Disibilties

5.1. ADHD

5.1.1. Kids with more than 2 hours screen time a day are 5x more likely to develop ADHD

6. Internet is literally made so it is as addicting as possible

6.1. Kids do not know how to control impulses, so it is easy to addict them

6.2. Teens rely on social media to as a way to separate themselves from their parents

7. Overall Distraction

7.1. "Multitasking"=not a thing

7.2. Especially with kids with ADHD

8. Mental Health

8.1. Social Anxiety

8.2. Depression

8.3. Moodier

8.4. Implusive