Reading Response # 4

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Reading Response # 4 by Mind Map: Reading Response # 4

1. Secondary students tend to "skim" through text, which is a problem. The students are not grasping what the text is about and no connection is being made. This results in students not learning.

2. When students pay attention to how a text is written, the meaning and its purpose, become evident and the more the students gets involved and understand, then learning takes place.

3. Note-taking is important for every content. I like how the text mentioned that Science/Biology teachers should ask students to have more structure in their notes to reflect steps, elements, measurement and observations. Such notes recall past lessons and provides a visual aid as well.

4. Academic language is used by teachers and students for the purpose of acquiring new knowledge and skills. For students to master their content, they need to develop and understand vocabulary of such discipline. They also need to understand what they read, orally and in writing. This gives students to use academic language

5. Scientific writing is concluded in a problem-solving pattern. Students can effectively write procedure, observations, experiments and results to help decide if a hypothesis is credible or not.

6. Students should not be stressed when it comes to writing assignments. Do not always make assignments to be written only, this will dull the great experience and effect it has on students. Written assignments about students expressing themselves and who they are. Such writings can be beneficial for future career or educational goals.