Modals verbs

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Modals verbs by Mind Map: Modals verbs

1. Cant

1.1. To express lack of ability

1.1.1. Example You cant smoke here! You cant use a calculador

2. Have to

2.1. Have to expresses external obligations.

2.1.1. Example I have to finish report by 06:00 I have to wear glasses to see

3. Dont have to

3.1. There is no obligation you are not required to do something especially if you dont want to.

3.1.1. Example I dont have to go to school today ,its frinday You dont have to wear a long dress to go to the party

4. Must

4.1. We use must to express a stronger, the modal must expresses opinion

4.1.1. Example I can speak inglish She can play the guitar

5. Mustnt

5.1. It is important you do NOT do something

5.1.1. Example You mustnt tell John

6. Can

6.1. Abitily

6.1.1. Possibility Permission Request