House Of Representatives and Senate

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House Of Representatives and Senate by Mind Map: House Of Representatives and Senate

1. Senate

1.1. Consists of 100 members

1.1.1. To qualify, each senator must be at least 30 years old, be a US citizen, and must reside in they state he/she is running in. Each member serves for 6 years

1.1.2. The Senate has a leader of the chamber, and that leader is the Vice President. This member can break ties if they ever are to happen. Every state gets equal representation with two senators per state.

2. House Of Represenatives

2.1. Consists of 435 seats

2.1.1. To qualify, each representative must be at least 25 years old, be a US citizen for 7 years, and reside in the area they are running in. Each representative serves for two years

2.1.2. The House Of Representatives has a leader, called the speaker of the house. This member ensures laws get passed, and the rest of the house is doing their job. The House of Representatives represents the people, so each state has a number of representatives that corresponds to the number of inhabitants.