Responsibilities of AEOs

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Responsibilities of AEOs by Mind Map: Responsibilities of AEOs

1. Support

1.1. School

1.1.1. Head Teachers Developing & Implementing SBIP Regular self appraisals Tracking progress of SBIP Management & Administration Constituting and engaging with SC Maintaining SIS

1.1.2. School Council Effectively engage Utilize NSB Help create awareness

1.1.3. Miscellaneous Staff Motivation Student health & hygiene

1.2. Academic Leadership

1.2.1. Head Teachers school based assessment respond to students' individual needs on basis of assessments Teachers' professional code of conduct Infrastructure for learning is well kept and used. Extra and co-curricular activities Accommodate special students child friendly environment

1.2.2. Teachers CR observation with feedback child friendly learning environment Development of practices as part of CPD Teachers guides and supplementary material Students' progress reports and PTM Resolve any issue of teachers with consultation of HT and SC