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1. The rest of the story is complicated, naturally. There are categories of things that usually have an article, and others that don't.

1.1. "The" is called the definite article because it is used for things we know. You use the when the other person already knows what you are talking about.

2. "It is used to refer to a definite article to show the specific article:" The book is on the table ", for example. Physically we can see that there is a book on a table and therefore, we refer to it as" the book "and" the table. "

3. We can also use ‘the’ to refer to a certain member of a group. So if we were describing someone in a crowd, we could say, "The girl on the right is the tallest."

4. ‘The’ can be used with countless nouns in cases such as; "She jumped into the water." Why can we use ‘the’? Because we know that in this context it refers to a specific area of ​​water.

5. You can also use ‘the’ when referring to places, however there are some rules to keep in mind. You can use ‘the’ to refer to:

5.1. 1.-Names of rivers, oceans or seas; for example, "the Indian Ocean" 2.-Points in the world like; “The Equator” 3.-Geographic areas such as; “The Middle East” 4.-Deserts, forests, gulfs and peninsulas like; "The New Forest."