Motivate the Unmotivated

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Motivate the Unmotivated by Mind Map: Motivate the Unmotivated

1. What do they look like?

1.1. Exhibit A

1.2. Exhibit B

1.3. Exhibit C

1.4. Exhibit D

2. First reaction to these wonderful students

2.1. Wake up!

2.2. Put the Phone Away!!

2.3. Take out those head phones

2.4. Yep, that kid is going to fail, why bother

2.5. Back in my day that behavior was not allowed

2.6. Man, I wish I could hit kids sometimes (Just Kidding)

2.7. What I am teaching is important and interesting, how dare they not listen

3. Things we should actually be thinking or doing

3.1. Who are they

3.2. Has this been an issue before

3.3. Why are they unmotivated

3.4. Am I Making judgement

3.5. Can I help the situation today or will I make it worse

4. Who are they??

4.1. What type of kids are they?

4.1.1. What tricks out of the bag will work for that student?

4.2. Student that needs to stay or needs to go?

4.3. Is this normal for them?

5. Issue?!

5.1. On going things, Yes or No?

5.1.1. Yes, are you documenting it? next step in the process Who has had luck with that student? Ask for help

5.1.2. No? Then maybe it is just a bad day, they happen

6. Why are they unmotivated?

6.1. This maybe the hardest but most important question to answer

6.2. Gain a relationship with them

6.2.1. What are they interested in? Fake it to make it

6.2.2. Offer solutions or help if appropriate Might not solve an issue, could make it better

6.2.3. Listen

6.2.4. Show you care, this can be done in many ways, depending on the student Help them on work Give them time to relax or get to work Challenge them Just say Hi

6.3. Motivating the Unmotivated

7. Am I making a judgement?

7.1. Passed issues?

7.1.1. everyday is a new day

7.2. I was told this kid was bad or unmotivated

7.3. Have I already given up on this student?

7.3.1. Not easy to teach or motivate

7.3.2. Here we go again!

7.4. Every kid needs a champion | Rita Pierson

8. Helping or Hurting the situation

8.1. Are you able to help today?

8.2. Have you built your relationship that will allow you to help

8.3. is it just a bad day or a bad situation

8.4. You class is not "All Powerful" to that student

8.4.1. Usually does not help to approach it as this is so important or you have to do this

9. Things that have worked for you in the past / Questions?