Cash Discount Program Appointment Setter

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Cash Discount Program Appointment Setter by Mind Map: Cash Discount Program Appointment Setter

1. Do you know the owners name

1.1. Yes

1.1.1. Ask to speak to that person Open up no to enter the sales flow

1.2. No

1.2.1. Hello, this is (YOUR NAME) with Vulcan payments. I am calling to inform business owners about some of the laws that have changed with credit card processing. Have you heard about Cash Discount? No No worries, basically it allows you to use the same program that gas stations and utility companies have been using for years. I'm sure if you've seen there on the exit by the airport that Shell station has that cash or credit option? Right, anyways same idea but the awesome part is you are now able to save over 90% of your processing costs. Which I mean if you are processing say 25,000 a month you are spending 700-800 or nearly 10k a year in fees. Yes, but... have heard of it but have concerns about the program I don't think my customers will like it