How to avoide food waste

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How to avoide food waste by Mind Map: How to avoide food waste


1.1. Christos R. : We must serve less food in our plates.

1.2. Kyriaki: We can put in our plates less than we want to eat and if we are still hungry, we can add more.

1.3. Elena: We mustn't cook too much food in the house

1.4. Anthi: We can give the food that remains at home to organisations like the Solidarity Kitchen in Greece, which helps the shelterless and gives them food.

1.5. Giorgos: If the food which remains is a lot, we can give it to poor people or we can cook the exact amount of food that we really need.

1.6. Loumilda: When we cook we shouldn't prepare so much food. When some food is left, we should put it in the fridge and eat it another day.

1.7. Evanna: The food that is left can be stored in the fridge and it can be eaten the next day or it can be given to families in need.

1.8. Eleftheria: We can put less food in our plates than we usually eat ans just add more later if we want.


2.1. Christos R.: they must serve buffet food, so people can take only as much as they want to eat.

2.2. Elena :when you eat at a restaurant and the food it's not over take it in a packet

2.3. Chrysa: In the restaurant-menu must be given the option among a small, a normal and a big share.