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Chapter 4 by Mind Map: Chapter 4

1. Learning Centered Ideology

1.1. Non-Traditional Schooling

1.2. They have been around for a long time but not in public funded schools and only for a select few

1.3. Key Concept = Student Centered = lessons, units, knowledge, learning all based around students interested and growth

1.4. Brinkmann's Idea = Reminds me of project based learning ideas

1.5. "Teacher is not simply an imparter of information but a facilitator of children's growth, learning, meaning making, and self actualization"

1.5.1. Brinkmann's Idea = Makes a teacher feel like a difference maker!

2. learning Centered Schools are really 4 schools in 1 all designed around fostering student growth

2.1. Learning-Centered

2.1.1. School is centered on the studnet

2.1.2. Students get to make all choices

2.1.3. Students pick best fit for their educational path

2.1.4. Guided Question = Really cool idea but would it work with all students or just student driven? What about our less motivated students?

2.2. Activity School

2.2.1. Experiences are low students learn kinda like on the job training

2.2.2. First hand, hands on learning

2.2.3. Idea is to learn and do and by that students will grow

2.2.4. Brinkmann's idea = Reminds me almost of a tech school

2.3. Organic / Developmental School

2.3.1. Main Idea - "Education is growth as a person and school programs must minister to growth"

2.3.2. Goal is to meet needs of students not have students meet the needs of society or adults

2.3.3. Student learn when they are ready and what children need

2.3.4. Guided Question = What if students never want to learn more or progress in their education?

2.4. Integrated School

2.4.1. Improve or teach the whole child (Intellectual and personality) Guided Question = How would you grade personality or could you even do that?

2.4.2. No set schedules, classes happen or move as activities end and more of a natural flow Brinkmann's Idea = If this would be possible and able to keep some type of order would be amazing for the project style learning it is talking about!

2.4.3. Guided Question = Do you think grading and reporting would be hard in a true learning Centered School?

3. How do you learn?

3.1. A child's needs, organic nature, and interests are the starting point to all curriculum and education

3.2. Growth in the present, not future

3.2.1. Future growth will naturally come when students are allowed to grow in the NOW

3.2.2. "Living life, and not preparing for life"

3.3. Learn through developmental stages and people thoughts are different in these stages

3.4. Real world environmental learning connected with students interests is key

3.4.1. Instruction by teachers only added as needed and to supplement the learning

3.5. Not everyone will have same knowledge because students grow at different times and levels

3.5.1. Totally Okay and expected = knowledge is not the key, rather learning

4. The Learning Environment

4.1. learners must have choices on how the learning environment is set up

4.1.1. These are planned by teachers

4.2. Designed and arranged to accomplish specific purposes of growth and learning

4.2.1. Brinkmann's Idea = seems very expensive, do you think public schools could do this with our budgets?

4.3. Rules created and managed by students as well as education directions

5. Teaching

5.1. Main job is to observe and diagnosis students needs

5.2. Create quality learning environments

5.3. Facilitating student growth

5.4. Must understand all subjects as the schools do not have defined subjects, rather all connected to make better learning environments and lessons

5.4.1. Guided Question = As a teacher would you feel prepared and able to teach every subject in a middle or high school level? If so how?

6. Curriculum and Grading

6.1. Units of Work, not subjects

6.2. Learning effects the whole child so no subjects

6.2.1. Better for facilitating growth

6.3. No letter grades or percents

6.3.1. long, detailed reports

6.3.2. Students take control and evaluate own learning and goals

7. Historical

7.1. Been around for a long time, just only open to a select few

7.2. Tends to grab hold during social movements like the progressive era and the hippie movement

7.2.1. Guided Question = Seems to me we are in a period of personal growth and expression, so do you think we are in period where learning centered education will be popular again?