Traditional identity

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Traditional identity by Mind Map: Traditional identity

1. each country has its own traditions and these traditions enable the countries to have their own dances and celebrations.

2. Different geographies create different identities.This is important for humanity.Think like a rainbow. Different cultures make colorful our world.

3. each country has traditional festivals that celebrate differents elements (for example: victories of the country, revolution,...)

4. For example : July 14 is the national holiday of the French Republic

4.1. Every July 14 in France, in the big cities, there are fireworks and in the small towns or villages most often fireworks take place on July 13th.

4.2. also 14 July in Paris Place de la Bastille there is a parade, in the medium and large cities there are also parades but less important. The parade of Paris is really beautiful and impressive, practically all the French citizens watch it be true or on TV

5. Different geographies creates different indentites

5.1. Ibnı Haldun's says : Geography is destiny

6. Food dish: Bratwurst with Sauerkraut, Pancake with apple sauce, Schnitzel with mashed potatoes (Ali Can, Latif)

7. History: Reunion of the Western and Eastern part of Germany (Ali Can,Latif)

7.1. Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Ali Can, Latif)

7.2. World War 1 and 2 (Ali Can, Latif)

7.3. The German Empire, the third rich, German Revolt 1848/1849 (Ali Can, Latif)

8. Football because the german loves to watch a Bundesliga Match and drink their beer (Harun)

9. Events: Oktoberfest, carnival, Christmas market (Ali Can,Latif)

10. football: