Lesson Reflection

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Lesson Reflection by Mind Map: Lesson Reflection

1. 1. What went well when you taught your lesson? Why did it go well?

1.1. The group discussion worked well when we asked students to describe their personality trait and the causes of that trait

1.1.1. Using a modified Cause and Effect model probably aided in this as it is a great structure for easy discussion

1.1.2. Students were also able to help in the discussion because it was a topic they could definitely relate to personally so they had more to say.

2. 2. How comfortable did you feel using the technology to teach/assess your students? Explain.

2.1. I was a little uncomfortable because the processes of using the school's technology was confusing. (as our cooperating teacher was out having a baby and we were figuring it out with the student teacher).

2.2. However, once we got going I felt comfortable guiding them through creating their mindmaps because I was so familiar with the mind maps and we were prepared in our lesson.

3. 3. How do you feel the technology you used enhanced the lesson?

3.1. Having students make mind maps helped them to make more connections with their personality traits to their causes and finally how they might be manifest in movement qualities.

3.2. Also using technology allowed students to get more thought out there as it seemed that many of them could type faster than write.

4. 4. Do you feel that the technology you used distracted from the lesson in any way? Explain.

4.1. In some ways. Just because it is a dance class we mainly wanted the technology to highlight a portion of the lesson and not become the whole lesson so we could still dance. But students were doing so great in the discussion based off their mindmaps that we didn't want to take away from that either. If we had more time than 20 minutes it could have gone better as they would have had more time to try out these movement qualities they wrote down instead of just visualizing them.

5. 5. What specific things (at least 2) do you need to improve on for when you teach using technology in the future? What are your specific plans for improving in these areas?

5.1. 1. I think being more clear and direct in my queing so students don't get off task.

5.1.1. We did give them specific ques like "lids down, heads up" prior to using the technology. But we could have been more clear and direct in this. To improve this I would try to stay clear in my cues and to give a consequence if they aren't listening, then actually follow through with that consequence. This is harder to do for a class that isn't your own, but it is definitely something that I would want to implement in my own classroom.

5.2. 2. In a dance room it was awkward to monitor how on task everyone was because it isn't a traditional way of having students sit in a classroom.

5.2.1. Fix this by, asking students to all sit facing the same direction. And by walking around the room as they are working to help keep them on task.