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Rental Property Management Software by Mind Map: Rental Property Management Software

1. Guests App

1.1. Log-in / Sign-up

1.1.1. users are supposed to log in with their pre-registered IDs or create a new account by filling their details

1.2. Manage account

1.2.1. Edit, manage and update personal profile information

1.3. Chat and push notifications

1.3.1. instant notifications for chats

1.4. Search Filter

1.4.1. User filter their travel like Dates, room type, price range, required amenities etc

1.5. Host interaction

1.5.1. Users can interact with their Hosts

1.6. Payments

1.6.1. Users can select payment method, access receipt, payment details, and every transaction history

1.7. Booking

1.7.1. Users can check their bookings

1.8. Coupons

1.8.1. can be used during checkout

1.9. Maps

1.9.1. showcase rental location with other rental properties in the area

1.10. Help

1.10.1. Users can view the FAQs sections

1.11. Rate and Review

1.11.1. share experience with the host

1.12. Sharing

1.12.1. Users can invite friends through social media

2. Hosts App

2.1. Registration

2.1.1. Host can fill in their details and register themselves by listing their vacant property

2.2. Log-in or Sign-up

2.2.1. Hosts can log in with their pre-registered user-ids or create a new account

2.3. Manage Personal page and profile information

2.3.1. Edit, manage and update personal

2.4. Manage listings

2.4.1. property details such as amenities available and pricing can be handled

2.5. Booking Listing

2.5.1. upcoming bookings can be seen in a form of a calendar view

2.6. Request

2.6.1. accept or decline the user’s request for your space

2.7. Messaging feature

2.7.1. Hosts can freely communicate with their guests

2.8. Rate and review guests

2.8.1. Guests can be rated and reviewed according to their behavior and conduct

2.9. Account Details

2.9.1. adding or removing information in the account

2.10. Help

2.10.1. Guest can view the FAQs sections and ask for help in case of any confusion with the listing of their property

2.11. Sharing

2.11.1. Hosts can invite friends through their social media accounts to download the app

2.12. Booking History

2.12.1. previous bookings and the payments received can be tracked down, and revenue generated can be estimated

3. Admin App

3.1. Dashboard

3.1.1. view all the users registered (new and old), hosts (new and old)

3.2. Manage new listing

3.2.1. ability to edit, add or delete listings

3.3. Booking History

3.3.1. Previous and new bookings can be checked. Current status update of each reservation

3.4. Feedback and complaints

3.4.1. Feedback and complaints provided by the guest and hosts can be viewed