Andrew's Situation

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Andrew's Situation by Mind Map: Andrew's Situation

1. Course of Action

1.1. Option #4

1.2. Core Values

1.2.1. Altruism, Freedom

1.3. Ethical Principles

1.3.1. Beneficence, Justice

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Andrew - Client

2.2. Andrew's Mother - Surrogate Decision Maker

2.3. Sally - Occupational Therapist

2.4. Dante - Rehab Director

2.5. The Hospital

3. Option 1: Continue with the way things are and listen to the mother

3.1. Positive Outcomes

3.2. Negative Outcomes

4. Option 2: Talk to team and Listen to the mother

4.1. Positive Outcomes

4.2. Negative Outcomes

5. Option 3: Talk to Team and Listen to the Client

5.1. Positive Outcomes

5.2. Negative Outcomes

6. Option 4: Talk to Team, rearrange tasks, and Listen to the Client

6.1. Positive Outcomes

6.2. Negative Outcomes

7. Situation:

7.1. Andrew was in a high speed car crash and Sustained multiple fractures and concussion

7.2. Mother appointed surrogate decision maker

8. Dilemma:

8.1. 1: Other team members found out and have asked questions unrelated to treatment while others are uncomfortable

8.2. 2: Andrew's mother is very not supportive. she even requested that Sally call him by his birth name and brought feminine clothing