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The Internet by Mind Map: The Internet

1. How do we use the internet?

1.1. The internet is used for many things like searching up information, streaming content, using social media , accessing sites and much more the internet has become essential for many as you have access to near unlimited amounts of information at your fingertips can message your friends and even play games

2. Social Media - methods of communication

2.1. social media being one of the most common uses of the internet and communication in general it has may forms apps like snapchat instagram or facetime social media sites like twitter tumblr reddit which are accessed using web 2.0 sms messaging which is preinstalled on your phone and dont forget email, gmail, hotmail and many more! these apps, programs and websites can be used to message friends, family members, clients, bosses etc. share images, thoughts, ideas and or pictures for that instagram clout!

3. Hardware and computers

3.1. A computer can be defined as a device that can store and process data this has many forms like a calculator, phone, printer, smart watch and much much more!

4. Web 1.0 v Web 2.0

4.1. Web 1.0 was like the beginning of the internet at the time information could only be accessed and not edited information was displayed in hyperlinks and images were not available whereas web 2.0 added images, access to upload anything and edit websites and introduced the use of social media which vastly improved its efficiency and usability

4.1.1. what does the future entail? apparently there is a web 3.0 that is the future and it is defined as the internet using machine learning such as A.I to learn what it is being used for and can use that information to further help you in any task you need to complete web 3.0 can be summed up as the internet aided by machine learning natural language processing and autonomous agents ( A.I assistance)

5. Definition of computing

5.1. computing is the process of a computer completing a task using software and hardware in tandem

6. net neutrality

6.1. The idea that internet providers would enable access to all content without favor or preference to certain sites/ applications

6.1.1. i am in favor of this ideology and think it should be made a federal law people should not have services slowed down in favor of another forcing them to use another service at the inconvenience of the consumer and benefit of the internet provider

7. Hardware

7.1. for hardware we are going to be talking specifically about a desktop tower and what it needs to function

7.1.1. Motherboard - the main circuit board that powers and communicates with the following CPU - processes and creates data RAM - short term memory that helps the CPU execute its tasks Hard Drive - used for long-term memory its stores data Graphics Card - Generates images and videos to be displayed Monitor - displays images sent to it by the desktop (more specifically the graphics card) Peripherals - Mouse, Keyboard, Headphones etc.